Combat bad hair days with Dry Shampoo


We all have days where our hair gets the better of us and puts us in a fix, days when our attempts to tame our tresses are futile, days when the dust, dirt and grease conspire against our hair. And in those situations we resort to either tying it away in a top-knot or hiding it with a beret or scarf. But what if bad hair days can be wiped off your hair calendar? Yes, it does sound unbelievable and over exaggerated but it is not, not in the least! Dry Shampoo is precisely what we’re catapulting here. It is the most practical and sought-after hair product. There is no more the need to fret and fuss over your hair game not being strong, because dry shampoo completely eliminates that possibility *impromptu happy dance*. It usually comes in a powder or spray form and is as simple as sprinkle-rub-sparkle. You can do away with the entire charade of washing, coming and drying by conforming to this. There is no room for scoffing and whining, because your hair can look squeaky clean on a regular basis without having to wash it every day. So Of course it is not a replacement for actually shampooing your hair, but on days when you’re running late or are just too lazy to wash it: dry shampoo is your fairy godmother. Another added advantage is that they add volume and luster to your hair. And with the mighty monsoon upon us, humidity is playing a major role in greasing up our hair, which dry shampoo can temporarily undo. Here’s a roundup of the top 8 ones that you can invest in. So, combat the hair woes, especially the ones brought upon us by the might monsoon by investing in some dry shampoos. These are easily available on online website such as Amazon, Nykaa, Flipart, Ebay etc.