Commemorate Your love In The Form Of Wedding Tattoos


Wedding tattoos are a fun and hip way of celebrating your love and immortalising your big day forever. A tattoo that speaks volumes about your love is a  permanent reminder of the bond you both share. Newly married couples are now collaborating with tattoo artists to come up with amazing tattoo ideas to solemnize their big day. Wedding Affair is here to help you out with the most trending ideas.

Wedding Ring Tattoos

Getting a tattoo on your ring finger is the latest trend for this wedding season. Getting your initials on each other’s ring fingers or just a simple band is a cool way to show each other just how much you care. It is more than just a fun idea as one need not ever worry about losing the ring or spending millions on it.

Tattoos fit for Royals

Crown tattoos and symbols related to royalty are all the rage this season.  It is not necessary to get a crown if that is not your style, you can always try different options like your partner’s name or a cutesy drawing of a king and his queen.

Complete Each Other

The ‘puzzle tattoo’ becomes one complete whole when both of you are together. It can be in any form – a quote, an arrow or a jigsaw puzzle. The tattoo represents the connection you share and reminds you that you are incomplete without your better half.

Heart beats

It goes without saying that your heart beats for each other but getting your heart beat embossed on your wrists or shoulders with his or her name is the best way to express your undying love for your better half. Such tattoos show your love and passion for your partner.

Mini Hearts

Every tattoo holds a different meaning for different individuals. For the bride who is afraid of getting herself tattooed but still wishes to have one, mini hearts could work wonders for them. Coloured hearts or half hearts on each other’s wrist or shoulders reflect that you want to treasure your love forever.

Wear the Vows

Tats are sweet and constant reminders of your love story. Vows are statements of love that indicate the promises you had made with each other. Getting a part of your vows tattooed on yourself will take you back to that wonderful feeling you had felt on your wedding day.

Etch a Date tattoo

Etching his/her date of birth or your wedding date will act as a beautiful present.The date can be written in a normal way or in Roman numeral format. 

If you liked the ideas or have some interesting designs, let us know in the comments section.