Contemporary And Delicate — IIFW NXT Mumbai Edition


The IIFW NXT Mumbai Edition by India Intimate Fashion Week commenced from September 14, 2019, and was a humungous success. After being opened by the renowned Sustainable Fashion Designer Shriti Pratap, the week went on to feature various innovative designs on some of the top models exuberating grace and elegance. The buzz-worthy fashion week ended with the designs of the ace designer Sharad Raghav. The venue was jam-packed with attentive fashion enthusiasts. The contemporary runway show featured super-gorgeous models walking around the audience.

The opening show by Shriti Pratap was nothing short of a breath-taking affair. According to Pratap, her runway show was all about ‘sustainability’ and cruelty-free fashion. Cruelty-free — no fur or leather, use of ethically organic cotton and recycled or upcycled clothing — was the ring of her show. “While designing and developing my capsule collection of off whites we considered our environmental footprint at every stage of our design process,” according to Pratap. Continuing to set the bar high for social and environmental sustainability in the fashion industry, her runway show impressed the enthusiasts present for the show. Her collection was a mix of summer dresses, bralettes, maxis and blouses in organic cotton with minimalistic use of metallic sequins, tassels and crochet. Couple with these were some recycled, up-cycled line of ensembles developed from fabric wastes. Pratap received tremendous appreciation from the crowd as well as the massive media present on the show.

After a scintillating show by Shriti Pratap, the grand finale of IIFW NXT- the intimate tour Mumbai edition was presented by Rajasthan based designer Sharad Raghav. The designer delineated his design philosophy as “Sui Generis Personalized Perfection”. He produces pieces that reflect his savoir-faire in design, for both men and women. Using fine detailing, with heritage fabrics and the use of embroidery for textural enhancement Sharad Raghav creates fashion with strong flavour, which was clearly reflected in his designs at IIFW NXT Mumbai Edition.

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