Conversation topics to spark a relationship on the first date


Whether it is a new neighbor, classmate, colleague at work, or potential romantic interest, you always consider the best ways to begin a conversation. What questions should you ask when you first meet? There are countless possible options, but thankfully there are some proven ways to break the ice. The bottom line is that relationship building involves intentional effort, topic selection, and genuine interest. And be ready to reciprocate, because authentic curiosity about others makes them authentically interested in you.

Wedding Affair brings to you three topics to spark your conversation on the first date.


Share Travel Stories

Budget permitting, whether it is across the world or across town, most people love to travel.  And they love to tell you about where they have been. This subject is unique in that discussing a place, as opposed to discussing something personal, is pleasurable but usually not private. Because the adventure of travel appeals to extroverts and introverts alike, you can build rapport without the boundary probing concerns you might have with other topics. Even normally reserved personalities will become animated when sharing what they enjoyed most about ziplining in a rain forest, taking a drive across the country, or even their latest camping trip.

Talk About Family & Friends

When it comes to getting to know someone, the topic of family is never off-limits. Most people will light up like a Christmas tree if you ask about their family. In fact, most of them will whip out their smartphones before you’ve even finished asking the question. Why tell you when they can show you? As you are becoming dizzy with the scrolling photo gallery your new acquaintance is displaying, consider the relational progress you are making. Not only is family the bright lights in our lives, but as extensions of ourselves, their accomplishments also reflect on our own success and self-worth. And that is important, because especially when making first impressions, everyone loves to put their best foot forward.


Share History

Even people who are private about their address, phone number, or zip code are not shy about telling you where they grew up. Hometown highlights, often presented in a positive light with a healthy dose of conversation and nostalgia, is both interesting to hear and enjoyable to tell. This topic also allows you to identify areas of common ground—literally, given the possibility you are from the same area or type of area, which creates bonding through background. People who grew up in a big city versus a rural community can relate to style and pace of life, for example, even when they grew up in different locations.

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