Coordinate Your Wedding Looks in These Different Ways

Coordinate Your Wedding Looks
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Coordinate Your Wedding Looks in These Different Ways: Weddings ask for a lot of work and effort to make them a successful affair. For the bride and the groom, it is the most special day in their lives. They have a million plans about what they want on their big day and how they want everything to work out. They prepare a checklist so that everything goes well. Wedding look coordination is one of those things some couples want for their big day.

There is no doubt that some couples think synchronising looks is a bit cliché but believe it when we say that it is the cutest thing that you can do for your wedding. We are not saying that you have to look identical to each other. But keep a decent amount of coordination with one another.  Coordinating wedding looks is the one thing that has taken the world by storm.

Couples coordinate their looks with one another or their families or the wedding décor. It’s your wedding so all the cameras will be focused on you. It gets all the more important that you look absolutely stunning in these photos as these photographs will be the only source of feeling nostalgic about the day you tied the sacred knot.

Here are some tips and tricks to coordinate your looks for the wedding with your partner and your family.

Let the Bride Choose

bride choice
The first choice has to be bride’s

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The first step that you all should do is let the bride decide on her wedding outfit because it is not a piece of cake for the bride to select the outfit for the wedding. It takes ages to finalise the pretty not so little thing. Once it is finalised you can select your outfit accordingly.

Synchronise by Colour

Different shades of the same hue

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The one way you can coordinate your wedding look is by matching thecolour of your outfits. This does not mean that you have to be exactly matchy-matchy with one another. You can choose different shades of the same hue. For example, if the bridal outfit is of lavender shade, you can go for some other shade of the colour purple. This will not only make you look adorable but also chic.

Synchronise by Jewellery

Coordinate Your Wedding Looks
Do it with your family, too

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The other way that you can coordinate your wedding look is by wearing the same jewellery. It is one of the major things that grab the attention of everyone. For example, you can coordinate your jewellery by wearing the same type of jewellery or the same styled or matching pattern. Try keeping the coordination to a subtle level so that it does not look cliché. You can do this synchronisation with your family, too.

Synchronise by Accessories

Synchronise your shades

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There is another way to correlate your wedding looks. It is that you can coordinate your accessories with each other. The bride can coordinate her footwear with the groom’s safa. Or if the groom is putting a suit on for the wedding she can match her shoes with the groom’s tie or cufflinks. If you are planning to give yourself a cool look by putting on shades, you can coordinate those, too not just with your partner but with your family also.

Synchronise with Your Wedding Décor

Coordinate Your Wedding Look
Match with the wedding theme

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It is so in vogue that you harmonise your wedding look with the decoration of the wedding venue. This may sound a little vague but once you do it you will feel that you belong to the place and that the wedding is really happening. Just make sure that you smartly choose the colours and synchronise with them accordingly. Therefore, coordinate your wedding look with the wedding theme.

The couple should certainly coordinate their wedding looks as it is known that a lot of heed and recognition is given to the look of the bride. Because of that the groom always feels as if he is not that important. Coordinating outfits will make sure that you both are recognised equally. But don’t go too far. Use your skills and mind rightly and coordinate without coordinating too much.           

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