Correct makeup removal: First step to skincare


Putting on makeup is the way to treat your inner charisma. Also, to portray and show the world how confident you are of your countenance. But, makeup removal is another essential art on the other side of the same coin as you really need to nurture your skin too. The additional touch of makeup on a naturally glowing skin is the perfect way to explore fashion therapies. Make-up removal is an essential skincare routine if you want to wake up with smooth and breakouts-free skin the next day. And you pat yourself in the back for doing this daily, even after those long parties that stretch into the wee hours.

The Natural Health Spirit

However, have you been using make-up wipes to do so? If your answer is a resounding yes, then let us tell you according to dermats, make-up wipes are abrasive on your skin and they might also contain alcohol to remove makeup that may disrupt the natural PH-balance of your skin. Also, wipes are not really eco-friendly. They may seem the easiest handy items to use within a speck of time but have their adverse effects too, which can gradually lead to skin damage. Most of the brands are unfortunately non – biodegradable and will take aeons to breakdown. Feeling guilty? Don’t yet. There are several other ways to absolutely take off all your make-up for squeaky clean and glowing skin. Here is a list of such top-notch healthy tips, which you can blindly take into your consideration. 

Oil and Water-Based Cleansers

L’Oréal make-up remover, which is an oil and water-based remover can be an excellent source of oil and water-based combo, suitable for your skin type. Use a cotton pad to gently wipe off the make-up. After removing the makeup, use a good face wash to completely cleanse your face, follow it up with a toner and moisturiser.


Baby Oils

Baby oil is also an effective makeup remover. Take a few drops on your hands and massage it on to your face. If you have dry skin, this is a good option. You also dab cotton into baby oil and use it to clean your face. Do not use a tissue paper as it is rough and will damage the skin. 

Taking care of the eyes

It is not easy to remove eye make-up, especially waterproof make-up. Remember not to rub this area hard as it is sensitive and susceptible to damage. Opt for a waterproof remover and soak cotton pads with the remover and hold it on your lids and lashes, to allow the remover to break down the make-up and then wipe it off gently. If it is not water-proof make-up then put some remover on an earbud and use it to clean kohl-rimmed eyes. Start by removing from the inner waterline. 

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