Covid love stories that won hearts on internet

Love in the time of covid
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The first case of the novel coronavirus emerged in China last December. Since then it has spread to virtually all parts of the world. Globally, coronavirus cases have crossed 5.5 million. But, where there is a way, there is a will. Love on the other side of every blasphemous situation has got its own beautiful way to connect hearts, rejoice bonds and make countless memories.

A lockdown can be tough on the best of relationships. But they say love always finds its course of action. As millions around the world stay indoors during the coronavirus pandemic. Some heartwarming love stories to emerge from the lockdown have struck a chord with social media users. From asking a neighbour out using a drone to celebrating with hundreds of guests. Virtually, of course – these tales of love in the times of coronavirus will bring a smile to your face. 

Love In the times of covid
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Romance In The Times Of Corona

In London, a doctor and a nurse working amid the covid pandemic did not want it to interfere with their wedlock plans. Jann Tipping and Annalan Navaratnam therefore decided to bring their wedding forward. Got married at the hospital itself. Photos from their beautiful wedding, which took place on April 24, 2020 went viral. And had thousands of netizens gushing. They set the perfect example of blending professional and personal life with elegance and bliss amid the fiascos of the pandemic. Another popping love tale breath in its pulchritude in New York.

Millennial Love

Mark Van Name and Jen O’Leary had been planning their wedding for months when the coronavirus pandemic began shutting down much of the city. Not keen on postponing their big day. The couple decided to host an intimate ceremony that friends and family could attend on the popular video conferencing app Zoom. When New York Council member Van Bramer heard of their plans, he decided to offer them his backyard and perform the ceremony himself. And so, when the big day dawned. Mark and Jen put on their wedding finery – plus masks and gloves. And walked to Mr Van Bramer’s home, where their guests joined in virtually to watch them get married. 

It was also New York where one of the most viral love stories of the lockdown played out. Brooklyn-based photographer Jeremy Cohen had millions of social media users hooked. When he revealed that he had sent his drone over to a neighbour to ask her lady luck out on a date. And she had agreed. Their covid, socially distanced love story had taken social media by storm and had hundreds of users rooting for them to get married.

Love in the times of covid
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The Indian Touch

Even in a traditionally and morally rich and valued country like India, where weddings are always given a special place in the lap of society spilling colours of varieties. Vignesh KM and Anjali Ranjith – a couple from Kerala – had been planning their wedding for over a year. When the coronavirus-induced lockdown upended their big day’s plan. The couple maintained a never-say-die attitude and hosted a wedding on video conferencing platform Zoom. Their parents, who logged in from Kerala to watch the event, sent mangalsutra (an auspicious thread tied by the groom around the bride’s neck) and wedding attire for the couple through speed post. When the covid lockdown restrictions were relaxed in the state.

And, the way these couples celebrated their real feelings, inner joy, responsibilities and absolutely fantastic love life supporting each other. Supporting the society and their countries is notably remarkable. Post Covid, we all are probably looking forward to such enthusiastic and digitally sparked marriage resolutions. And also executions to carry on with our wed-lives as powerfully as those were earlier. 

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