Crazy *celeb-approved* beauty rituals

Skincare Rituals
Antonika Chanel

Do moments of epiphany related to your skin and health drag you into getting a head massage and a scrub before your bath on a lazy Sunday? And obviously, you feel satisfied with how you just treated your skin with some rituals? Well, then you haven’t heard of the thousand extra miles that people go for their skin. Wedding Affair brings to you some of the weirdest, and expensive beauty rituals available!

Vampire Facials 

Immensely popular in the west, vampire facials include drawing the clients own blood and re applying it on the face. Apparently, the blood contains protein rich plasma helps to stimulate cell regeneration and collagen. This process acts as an anti aging catalyst and makes skin look younger by improving pores, acne, scars and fine lines. Does it work? Well, we don’t know, but Kim Kardashian swears by this ritual!

Placenta Facials

Placenta is known to be filled with nutrients, minerals, amino acids and proteins. This skin rejuvenating method has become one spiced up  trend. The key ingredient is extracted from human or sheep placenta and is applied as a mask. This method is known to aid pigmentation. This ritual is where Jennifer Lopez’s glow comes from!

Bird Poop Facial

When life throws bird droppings, make a facial mask out of it!
This facial uses traditional Japanese ingredients with its main ingredient being nightingale droppings. This unique ingredient is known to heal skin and make it brighter.

Bee Venom Facial

The facial uses 1% bee venom formula and promises to plump up the skin by tricking it  into thinking it is a bee sting. The mask also includes lavender oil, shea butter and manuka honey. The super upmarket product sells for $55,000 a bottle, and is the beauty secret of duchess kate middleton.

Ruby and Diamond Facial

Who said you could only WEAR rubies and diamonds? The HD  ruby and diamond facial involves rubbing your skin with diamond dust and crushed rubies. This facial claims to add a star like glow to your skin and well, this is a part of actress Mila Kunis’ beauty regime.

24 k Gold Facial

This is one of the rituals which has caused a lot of hustle amongst customers and researchers. The treatment includes placing a 24K gold leaf on your face. Gold is known to lift your skin, reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. Plenty of victoria’s secret models and Hollywood actresses resort to this beauty treatment.

The EVIAN Bath

Evian is the worlds most expensive mineral water. Tennis player Serena Williams took a splurge in 1000 litres of evian water at a hotel in Miami. The most expensive bath costs around 5000$ a dip! Well we can’t recall any harm tap water has done to us? This is a pretty relaxing ritual and one of the best rituals in the list.

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