How to Create a Mood Board for Your Wedding Planning


Make mood boards to make the wedding planning process easier by using only a few steps

Technically, your wedding planning starts as soon as you get engaged. But often we have our wedding planned in our minds from years ago. You might have a little bit of a rom-com girl inside you who planned her dream wedding since she got her dolls married to each other. Or you might be someone who never gave a thought about your wedding planning, but now you want to make your day as special as you can. In both situations, a mood board can be a great start for your wedding planning.

A wedding mood board is a collection of photos and elements carefully curated to convey the look and feel you want to create in your wedding. It captures your vision for your wedding, including your personality, style, and dreams.  It can be either digital or physical. For your convenience, we will discuss creating digital wedding mood boards today.

Why You Should Have a Mood Board

A mood board is an essential tool for your wedding planning.

A mood board is an essential tool for your wedding planning. With so many things to keep track of, a mood board makes it easy to visualise and image everything together. It also helps you express your wedding vision to your vendors. Having a compilation of photos lets you visually represent your desired look along with your verbal expression, leaving little room for any miscommunication.

Here are some steps you should follow while making a mood board for your wedding.

Work Together with Your Partner

Before you grab your laptop and start looking for inspiration

Before you grab your laptop and start looking for inspiration, do the offline work with your partner, which is communication. Remember, it’s two people’s wedding, so the wedding planning should include you two too. Plan a date night and start asking your partner about their idea and vision for the wedding. Ask them about their preference including season, location, theme, colours, etc. Once you know what your partner likes, you can start building a mood board for your special day together.

Look for Inspiration

And when we talk about inspiration, we are not talking about Pinterest. Sure, you can go through Pinterest and find wedding images you like. But inspiration for your wedding planning can be taken from anywhere. Look for real-life inspiration, and browse through artful home, design, and style books in your local library. Go to the boutique, to the flower markets, and click photos as you come across things you like.

Do a Trend Research

Browse through the internet to find out what are the latest trends

Browse through the internet to find out what are the latest trends in the wedding industry. Find out what the designers are creating, the planners are doing, or the celebrities are doing at their weddings. Read bridal magazines to find out the latest trends for upcoming seasons. This way, you will stay updated before you start your wedding planning.

Find Your Own Style

By now you should start having a clearer idea of what you want to do at your wedding. Once you are done with all the research and get your inspiration, you should gather them all together and notice the pattern and repetition. This way you can find your own style and aesthetic and have a better picture of what you want to do.

Pick Around 10 Photos

it’s time to refine your collected inspiration.

Now that you have formed a vision for your special day, it’s time to refine your collected inspiration. Start picking out the best images from the ones you have found. If you don’t have one, go online and find some more photos. Select the top photos that catch your eye till you find 10 photos for your board.

Create an Attractive Layout

It never hurts to make things look pretty, especially when it is your wedding mood board. Create your mood board in an attractive layout, making it easy for the eyes and aesthetically pleasing. If you have a friend who is good with editing or layout, ask them for help. Or you can do it by yourself. There are hundreds of layouts available online, pick any that appeals to you the most.

Pull Colours from Images

Work Together with Your Partner

Once you have your favourite images organised on your wedding mood board beautifully, it’s time to create a colour board. A colour board is the colour palette extracted from your mood board. Take the tool to pick colours and roam over your favourite images. Make a colour palette of your choice, adding as many as you want. You can also choose between different shades and hues from different colours according to your preference.

Add Words and Quotes

Verbal inspiration is as important as visual inspiration. While planning your wedding, you might come across words and phrases that give you a vision, or an idea about something. It can be a piece of poem you want to read out at your wedding, a song you want to play at your wedding, or simply a quote describing your desired mood for the wedding. Write it on your mood board to have it all in an organised place all together.

Once you have got your wedding mood board

Once you have got your wedding mood board, share it with your friends and family. Take their opinion and make changes, don’t forget to include them too. But at the end of the day, it’s your day and your mood board. Have fun with the wedding planning!

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