The meaning behind Hindu Pheras

The ancient Hindu heritage is believed to be the oldest existing religion. Sanatan Dharma has a wide range of traditions which some believe even...

Learning the meaning of pre-wedding rituals

Wedding Affair presents some pre-wedding rituals that have a beautiful deeper meaning for the bride and groom.

Rituals that welcome a new bride

Wedding Affair presents some rituals that make the bride feel welcome a part of the family in her new home!

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New-age Customs & Rituals for Gen-Z couples

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All About Diwali Pooja

As per Hindu tradition, the Goddess is the queen of wealth and prosperity and her blessings are absolutely necessary for Diwali.

Henna: Fragrance & Colour of Indian Weddings

No wedding can be imagined without the fragrant henna designs adorning the palms of the bride. Wedding Affair talks about its importance.

The charisma of a Konkani wedding

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The magnificence of a Tamilian Wedding

To celebrate the magnificence of Tamilian wedlock, here are the beautiful ceremonies and sacred rituals from the ceremonies in the pipeline.