Cute little ways to propose to your partner


You all know that feeling a little too well when you feel butterflies in your stomach, your palms start to sweat and all you can think about is that one special person who has turned your life upside down and who you have fallen in love with helplessly! As beautiful as falling in love with someone is, as difficult it is to confess your love. You know how strongly you feel towards them but simply cannot find the right words to express your feelings. Worry not, here are some simple ways to propose your love to your special someone and sweep them off their feet!

Write a love letter

The most romantic and easiest way to propose or tell someone how you feel about them is to write a love letter to them. So write that letter to confess your feelings and pour your heart out! A good ol’ love letter will never go out of fashion, that’s for sure.


Make them feel special

It can be by doing anything that they like, be it taking them on a candlelight dinner, cooking for them, or pampering them by helping them out in their daily chores. Show that you care and express your feelings towards them by doing these small but meaningful gestures.

Confess your love publicly

Take them out to a fancy restaurant or to watch a movie, and confess your love to them in front of everyone to make them feel special.


Surprise them by knocking at their door

Give them an unannounced visit by knocking on their door when they are least expecting it. Tell them what you feel for them and gift them a little something to express your love.

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