Day 3 at FDCI’s Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week

Fashion Week

It was all starry as day 3 of FDCI’s Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week kicked off with glam and pomp.

India Fashion Week
Rimi Nayak’s Collection

Rimi Nayak

Rimi Nayak’s spring/summer 2021 collection titled BLOOM, unveiled a glimpse of hope and resilience, the cornerstone qualities that we envision to embody once we finally emerge victorious from this global pandemic. Inspired by this ethos, the prints are based on a wide variety of tropical foliage. Hence, the bright and vibrant colour palette symbolizes hope capturing the carefree spirit of spring and the free-flowing silhouettes are a perfect fit for the sweltering summer.

Ashima Leena

Ashima Leena’s fashion week collection ‘Umme Rabab’, represented the serenity and divinity of a woman known for her beauty, eloquence and wisdom. This couture collection combines delicatehand embroidery in the form of meticulously curated textiles with classic Maharani silhouettes. Reinterpreted, lengthened jackets that can be worn with any of the classic silhouettes, peplums, circular lehengas, appliqué delicate sarees with jewelled tassels with chanderi and brocade woven odhni’s along with antique gold fabrics which come alive with the millions of tiny hand embroidered beads and intricately appliquéd brocades that highlight the legacy of fine craftsmanship. Brilliant hues transform texture into a chromatic scale of magical colors. Mustard,  muted turmeric, soft dusky pink, ivory, pomegranate red, iron black, beaten gold, bold pinks, deep emerald, sand like beige come together to create the color palate of this diverse collection.

India fashion Week
Niki Mahajan

Niki Mahajan

Niki Mahajan’s fashion week collection ‘under the midnight sky’, comprised of  hand made textiles and age old techniques of embroideries. From the bylanes of Lucknow , master craftsmen work with silver metal wire creating delicate patterns. Interspersed with delicate mirrors the textiles and tiny pearls this collection is timeless. In shades of the mid night sky, greys, blues purples, the collection is reminiscent of by gone eras.

India Fashion Week
Neeta Lulla’s

Neeta Lulla

Neeta Lulla’s fashion week collection was an unbridled source of enthusiasm, expression and sentiment. The diffusion range was dedicated to the indomitable spirit of prowess with prominence; fierceness with affection; a rise with being humble. As we unravel the varied fragments of the She-Universe, a bit of stardust is sprinkled over all our effortless pieces. Glimmering saree gowns, neatly draped as a second skin, are sure to captivate. The glitzy pre-stitched saree acquires a new dimension with the wraparound version, complete with an openable tie-up. The unbroken fluidity of each of the outfits precisely fit the female form.

India Fashion Week
Abhishek Gupta’s Collection

Abhishek Gupta

Abhishek Gupta’s fashion week collection celebrated artisanal excellence and the cultural authenticity of the Holy Land of Benares. Using traditional handloom fabrics juxtaposed with fine appliqué, pleating, textures and intricate thread embroidery, each garment is a masterpiece with assiduous craftsmanship, impeccable cut and fine tailoring, finished to invisible detail. The collection, though deeply rooted in tradition transcends every cultural barrier. With artworks that are meticulously engineered to the shape and pattern of the outfit, motifs flow effortlessly over the seams of the garment with flawless continuity that is a rarity.

India fashion Week
Varun Bahl’s Collection

Varun Bahl

In the fashion week, renowned couturier Varun Bahl presented his new Demi Couture collection, Bloom. An homage to the untethered, limitless, and beautiful power of Nature. With this all-new line, Varun Bahl brings to life a variety of silhouettes like capes, waistcoats, tulip pants, and flared trousers in pure silk organza and satin. Replete with surfacing techniques like 3D floral embroidery, sequin detailing, bugle beads, ruffles, and pleats, the lineup captures and reinterprets the order found deep within the chaos in Nature. Crafted in his signature colour palette of blacks, reds, pinks, bottle green, dusty pink, and ivory, the ensembles exude an inherent earthiness juxtaposed with the signature artistry of Varun Bahl surface embellishments. Intricately crafted handmade flowers, 3D blossoms, ruffled and pleated details, and layering—all add a sense of drama to the ensembles.

India fashion week
Tarun Tahiliani’s Collection

Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani’s Jaamevaar couture collection in the fashion week transcended gender. The studio has reimaged the same Jaamevar techniques for the groom and done another rendition for the bride. It is an age-old weave, a piece of art once worn by royalty that has come alive in our own signature way. Modern fits and silhouettes, lehengas with pockets that weigh almost nothing. This our celebration of freedom, lightness and love.


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