Day 4: India Couture Week 2020


A riot of colours took over the fourth day of the first-ever digital Indian Couture Week (ICW) 2020. Ace designers Shantanu and Nikhil shoot this collection as a fashion film and not a typical runway show. Reynu Taandon’s SURKH used the prettiest of petals and the boldest of blooms to dress the floor. 

The Resurgence by Shantanu and Nikhil

Collection By Shantanu & Nikhil @ FDCI ICW 2020

Far from the idea as a dying craft hit by a global pandemic, Couture re-strengthens itself through a new vision by acclaimed couturiers Shantanu and Nikhil. As the world is pushing through these tough and challenging times, there has been a paradigm shift in the way we would like to use our fundamental brand values in order to forge a more inclusive and conversational relationship with our consumers, thereby focusing on art, creativity and collaborations. 

Collection By Shantanu & Nikhil @ FDCI ICW 2020

The Resurgence by Shantanu and Nikhil is an ode to hope, it is the spirit to resurface and recommence our duties to the universe. With an almost spiritual connotation to the capabilities of cyclic existence, the collection celebrates a renewed strength and power to adapt and #RiseAgain. 

Much like the intricately carved pillars of age-old values, the collection reinterprets their classics and brings back the opulence of their journey, almost like a re-incarnated phoenix. They have found power in metallic influences, goth applique and classic zardozi to redefine structure and linearity that is signature to Shantanu and Nikhil couture. While humanity takes baby steps towards normalcy, the collection reconstructs romance through fluidic drapes and godly architecture symbolic of a ‘beacon of hope’. The abundant usage of metallic gold and sheen goes well with their contemporary sense of aesthetic and decadence of the collection bringing to the Center Stage and interpretation of the neo-luxe bride.

SURKH by Reynu Taandon

Collection by Reynu Taandon @ FDCI ICW 2020 (2)

For Reynu, SURKH is an expression of keeping your values in this contemporary world, where every bride wants to dress as a traditional Dulhan. It is a collection that draws its inspiration from the contemporary bride, a girl that re-conceives fashion with all that’s modern and minimalist with a traditional twist.

Collection by Reynu Taandon @ FDCI ICW 2020

The couture collection features the traditional and timeless dream colours of the bride. From heavily embellished baby pinks, fuchsia, fuchsia reds to reds, there are various classic pieces, tone-on-tone lehengas, Anarkalis, traditional Saris, Sharara and Gharara making a statement without stealing the light off of the bride.

Collection by Reynu Taandon @ FDCI ICW 2020 (3)

The collection is a mix of four ever merging yet distinct colours. They have been selected keeping in mind every part of the day and how best it will suit the bride in these wedding times be it a morning, sundowner or an evening wedding. For Reynu Taandon, this season is all about taking a leap into clashing kaleidoscopes of colour wherein every colour has its own inspirational factor.

Reynu Taandon, “My entire couture collection this time will be a complete hand woven, eco friendly chanderi collection with lots of light zari work, block printing, gota patti work, patch work and the zardozi work. I want my brides to look elegant maintain the old world wedding charm in a contemporary way and thus I have named my collection SURKH.


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