Deck up your place this Navratri


Navratri is India’s one of the most auspicious and major festivals which is celebrated with utter enthusiasm and pride. It is the festival in which Goddess Durga is worshipped for her strength and power. Navratri means ‘nine nights.’ The festival is observed for nine nights and ten days. People tidy up their homes and decorate them with full zeal as it is believed that Goddess Durga visits the homes during this holy time.

This Navratri, follow the trend and decorate your place with these creative and efficient ideas. You will feel rejuvenated and exuberant with the new and improved look of your place. Hope for the health and prosperity of your family and loved ones.  

    • Adorn your entrance with colours

      Add a splash of colour to your space

This Navratri decorate your entrance with bright colours as it is a festival that is full of joy and excitement. Get some paper lamps, candles, pots, and vibrant paintings for the positive vibes in the house. Clean up your place and get innovative with some DIY. This will give you a homely feel. A well-decorated entrance always brings a smile to the face and whoever visits your place feels excited about what the indoors are going to look like. The first thing anyone does is look at your entrance so decorate it beautifully.

    • Do the deep-cleaning

Navratri is a festival of purity. Clean up your place and put the things away which are not in use. Mandir should be the priority in the cleaning list and should be put on the top of the list. Freshen up the mandir and the rest of your space with warm colours and rearrange some of your stuff to give it a different look. You can also use plants in decorating your home as plants make a place lively.

    • Use the flowers in decorating your place

      Flowers will liven up your space

Flowers are a natural and precious gift of nature and should be used wisely. These delicate little things hold so much value as they provide a natural fragrance and aroma to the place. They also help in removing the toxic elements from the home and bring positivity. Decorate your space with pretty and colourful flowers and make your surroundings jubilant. You can also make small bouquets for the people who visit your place during this sacred time. You can make rangoli, too, and decorate it with fresh flowers.

    • Splendid decoration for Mandap

      Mandaps are the highlight of the festival

It is mandatory to decorate the mandap during the time of Navratri. Giddy up! Clean your mandap deeply and decorate it with fresh beautiful flowers. Consider bright colour flowers like yellow, red, orange, and pink as these are the colours of Goddess Durga. Get new things for the idol of the Goddess and new idols for your mandap. 

    • Raise the standard with the Garba Pot

      Garba Pots will look exquisite

Navratri can never feel complete without the Garba dance and the Garba Pot. These are one of the most necessary things in the Navratri celebration. Earthen pots are the most underrated things yet very delicate and majestic. Garba pots can be decorated with different ornaments like mirrors, glitters, and more things that will make them more enchanting.

    • Embellish your home with Cane Craft

      Cnae crafts look very aesthetic

It is a special craft that is done with the help of bamboo and is so in vogue. This natural art of weaving is truly appreciable. This art will not affect nature as it is all eco-friendly. It is also convenient and low maintenance and also easy to carry because of the light weight. The art also looks traditional and classy at the same time. This Navratri, design your walls with the cane craft and other accessories.

Navratri is a festival of the triumph of good over evil and of women empowerment. So, it becomes imperative that one must imbibe these feelings in their souls. Cleaning your house and giving it a new look will make you feel regenerated and also you will be ready for the upcoming festivals. These new additions to your space will also give you a new perspective and will make you ready for the coming seasons and the rest of the year.

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