Decoding the difference between Wedding Designers and Wedding Planners


Finally, you have sealed the deal with your partner. Now you are all set and excited to start planning your big day. But, where do you even begin? What do you need to do first? There is no doubt that this day is one of the most awaited moments in your life. But there are a million decisions to make. This can lead your wedding to become an overwhelming experience. Well, thank Pinterest and Instagram all you want for finding inspiration for your big day in an incredibly easy way. But you need more help! Get yourself, wedding planners and designers.

Planning a wedding comes with a whole new set of responsibilities. And the vocabulary and words that you thought you understood suddenly take an entirely new meaning. One of the biggest understanding a bride needs to develop is what exactly is the difference is between a wedding planner and a wedding designer

Today, Wedding Affair is breaking it all down for you. Before you cash out your credit cards, there’s no harm in knowing what each entitled professional does, so that you get to figure out which one is perfect for you.

Who is a wedding planner?

PlannerWedding planners are like the Gods of organizing the whole wedding. They are all about the logistics, from contract negotiations, vendor referrals, keeping track of your budget, day to day execution of your insight, to helping you find the perfect wedding dress and of course food. A good planner has all the hands-on experience to curate your special day keeping the guesswork aside and planning the wedding as smoothly as possible.

Wedding planners are vital, they will be with you from engagement to your reception. Whether or not you struggle with organizing, planning, and implementing, you should consider hiring a wedding planner.

What do wedding planners do?

  1. Create, negotiate and review vendor contracts
  2. Organize wedding day timeline
  3. Attend meetings and tastings with you
  4. Helps determine the budget
  5. Arrange vendor arrivals and deliveries
  6. Assist with decor and design (aesthetics of your event)
  7. Recommend vendors and manage hotel room blocks
  8. Help you choose the perfect wedding dress & bridesmaids
  9. Brainstorm style and design ideas
  10.  Run the rehearsal
  11.  Solve last-minute emergencies
  12.  Set up the ceremony and reception sites

Who is a wedding designer? 

You must have millions of ideas in your mind for what you want at your wedding, from thousands of little details, table arrangements, and much more. You could rather put all your ideas in a fishbowl and your wedding designer will turn them into a beautifully cohesive and aesthetic wedding event.

A wedding designer is someone that focuses solely on bringing your ideas and vision to reality. For them, it is all about using their artistic eye to conceptualize the event and create a cohesive, aesthetic, sophisticated, boho, or traditional theme you are going for.

A wedding designer is like an architect of ideas. He is a mastermind in floor plan design, accessorizing linens and flowers, etc, and even skilled in lighting design.

The talent of curating and designing an event and the aura is a unique and rare trait.

What does a wedding designer do?

  1. Creates the wedding design concept 
  2. Oversees decor budget and vendor expenses
  3. Provides colour palette guidance
  4. Creates detailed floor planes with the venue space
  5. Outsource equipment and special props
  6.  Ensures all your decor elements arrive on time for set up on your wedding day.

What does a wedding designer’s job exclude?

They generally don’t help you with contract negotiations or attending appointments along the way but they are the ones who are creative enough to pull everything together to make it “pretty” and “happily ever after”. Their set is smaller than that of planners.

Wedding Coordinator

A wedding coordinator is generally who assists you with the final preparations in the last month amid the countdown. 

Wedding Creative Director

The role of a creative designer is to oversee the creative presentation and style of your wedding. Your wedding creative director, just like planners, will also coordinate with the team of vendors in the successful implementation of all details so that your ceremonies are beautiful, exactly as you imagined it to be. They oversee the creative presentation and style of your wedding.

Event Designer

An event designer is somewhat similar to a wedding designer, but he may be involved in organizing and planning other events as well and not specializing in any one event like a wedding but also plans birthdays, corporate events, anniversaries, engagement parties, and more.

Choose the one that works best for your level of planning, and budget and make them execute an unforgettable wedding for you and your loved ones.

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