Décor Ideas For A Dainty Washroom


Often neglected, but one of the most important elements of a wholesome house is a washroom. These days, people shifting into a new house or those redecorating their houses are investing more and more into crafting a soothing and creative bathroom. A washroom is a place where people can unwind after coming back home and drain their worries away. Hence, it must be decorated in cooler, soothing tones that can uplift your mood and calm your soul. From scented candles to flowers, what should go into crafting your gorgeous washroom, Wedding Affair has enlisted some great decor ideas for your washroom.

1. Scented Candles And Incense Sticks


Light up your washroom with floral scented candles and feel your body unwind as you enter the washroom. Incense Stick is another popular way of filling that space with sweet fragrances. Beautifully lined in dainty trays, these immediately uplift the mood of your washroom.

2. Golden Accents


A white washroom accentuated by golden accents in the form of taps, mirror frames and other metallic detailing, look posh and elegant. Apart from being relaxing tones, white combined with golden accents is the ultimate definition of luxury.

3. Frames


Framed posters and pictures also uplift the mood of the washroom. Positive messages and happy pictures are ideal to adorn the walls here. Posters adding a pop of colour to space must be preferred for the decoration purposes.

4. Plants


Small plants in white or coloured vases are the best options to give a rustic touch to your washroom. A number of small vases lined together in front of the bathtub soothe one’s eyes during the bathing experience. Otherwise, the washbasin is the next best place to put these little plants.

5. Yellow Lights


Most of the Indian households do not put a thought while putting the lights in their washrooms. These often end up with only dimly lit washrooms, unaware that lights directly affect a person’s mood and eyesight. Yellow lights beautify any space, especially the one with yellow accents.