Decor Ideas For An Aesthetic Kitchen

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A happy stomach is equal to a happy person. Food is the most important thing for survival. While we love having an array of cuisines, there is nothing compared to a scrumptious home-cooked meal. The aroma of fresh lentils and rice, cooked slowly in a mix of spices, loaded with a dollop of butter, served hot, what better than that.

While we all love having such meals, the area it is cooked in, that is, the kitchen needs to be designed beautifully so that the person cooking feels happy. Wedding Affair brings you ideas to revamp your kitchen, one of the most important areas in the entire home. 

1. Stack It Right 

Instead of having cupboards, opt for floating shelves to keep the kitchen utilities. This gives a bigger look to the kitchen. It is perfect for homes with a smaller kitchen area. The cabinets give a very fuller look and make the cooking area appear enclosing. 

2. Darker Hues

There is no such thing as too much black. Black adds a hint of high-class to the area. Select darker hues like shades of black, blue, deep purple, etc. for a posh look. Add a statement lighting and contrast the dark shades with light coloured cabinets. 

3. Keep It Hidden

Kitchen appliances are quite big and can take up a lot of space. If placed at the wrong place, it will make the kitchen appear cluttered and will leave you with little space to work with. Hence, it is preferable to keep big appliances in cabinets with sliding door for better workspace and a neater look. 

4. The Rustic Feel 

People who like the feel of wood will definitely want to opt for a cooking space with a rustic feel to it. Experiment with different shades of brown. Include wooden tables, stools and cabinets for the perfect rustic environment. Add a hint of pastel colours to break the monotony of browns. 

5. Coloured Lighting 

Your kitchen should be a fun space to work in. One way to make your cooking space playful is to incorporate coloured lightings. A well-lit place gives an instant boost to a person’s mood. Whether you are cooking or just sitting there enjoying your food, it is sure to make your dining experience amazing. 

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