Decorating your abode for the Wedding!

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A grand unforgettable wedding requires an equally grand and unforgettable wedding setup. With rather extravagant and jazzy styles catching our attention, retro has been ruling the style sheets all around, so the wedding planners suggest. Your abode must gleam up with the unbeatable charm of retro aura for your wedding. The fragrance of fresh flowers, diya lamps and fairy light decorations never go out of style. Wedding Affair suggests some ways in which your can style your house for your wedding!

Add a touch of maximalism

A maximalist indoor setup is still quite more intimate than a minimalist outdoor one. But indoor weddings can be quite fun as well. Using a historic building, if possible, for your intimate wedding will definitely be an icing on the cake. Beautiful seating arrangements can be created for your humble abode. Given the pandemic conditions globally, more and more couples have been resorting to a gorgeous intimate wedding rather than a grand celebration. Celebrate your love with your close family and friends as you tie the knot in your delicately decorated abode. Use contrasting colours and subtle backgrounds for stunning decor.

A white theme

You can try giving a white theme for your wedding decor in abode. Crisp white fabrics and decorations highlight minimalism and luxury. You can also give a coloured theme for your wedding. White, however, looks clean and stands out against decorations and backgrounds. Be assured of some stunning photographs for your wedding. Some cultures like the Parsis, already keep white-themed weddings. Remember gal mitthi mitthi bol from Aisha? Well, you can recreate that yourself.

Flower Power

Pastel-coloured flowers along with natural and white backdrops are your resort to induce modern glamour into your wedding ceremony. Pastel theme is going to make your wedding memories look extremely alluring. Celebrity couple Anushka and Virat opted for a pastel themed day wedding. This could totally be your inspiration for your abode! And there is no denying that flowers can never go wrong when it comes to your decor.

Geometric Patterns

If you feel that ‘blingy’ wedding decorations are too boring for you, then you might want to consider decorating your wedding functions with colourful geometric shapes. This gives the functions a minimalistic, funky and modern touch. Paper can give an otherwise simple surface shot of colour, texture, and style. Even better? These projects cost next to nothing and are a cinch to craft, says Martha Stewart Weddings. Flower pinwheels inspire love at first sight—and the first bite, once guests devour some tiny gold lustre-dusted, espresso-flavoured cupcakes, the website further suggests.

Unexpected Accents

Interior designer Sanjyt Syngh states: “Unexpected accessories can bring in bling. It’s not necessary you decorate with flowers and candles. Sometimes a thoughtful arrangement of metallic accessories and objects can do the job! Experiment, mix-and-match and enhance your space with a festive touch. Along with pots and vases, candles,  wine glasses and birdcages also work well when paired with flowers.” Bold Artwork: Go bold with one large artwork that dominates the wall. Alternatively, add a touch of graphic edge with a variety of abstract art.  

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