Defining eternal elegance: Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers


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Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers is a leading luxury jewellery brand in India with sublime jewellery collections. They cater to every brides need for perfect jewellery for every occasion.

Their collections Hunar, Noor, Adrishya, Aranya, Amer, Aks and Adaa are all exceptionally traditional and contemporary, with the finest design defined, expressing elegant style that is fashionable and glamorous. Talking in detail about their collections:

Hunar- It takes forward the legacy of traditionally enamelled Kundan jewellery. This collection showcases the aesthetic charm and grace of royal adornments and is inspired by the colours of Rajasthan. This is the most preferred choice of discerning women of today.

Noor- This collection is all about diamonds and diamonds are a woman’s best friend. The jewellery is crafted with utmost care with a unique range of diamond tucked in, that can sweep you off your feet and define your personal style statement.

Adrishya- It envelopes golden jewellery bedecked with precious stones and designed in a way where gold is hardly visible. The fleeting beauty of flowers and their poignant romance are immortalized in this collection.

Aranya- This range of jewellery respects the environs and has been conceived with the abundance of nature with a touch of grace.

Aks- This collection shouts the beauty of the ancient, the medieval and the contemporary art.

Adaa- A collection that recognises the beauty, style and fiery spirit of women drawing from their grace.

For them, jewellery is about honesty and their fascination with people. The intricate jewellery is designed without overusing any material or technique and caters more on touching the inner beauty of a person.

To shop for mesmerising jewellery for your special day, head to Birdhichand Gyanshamdas Jewellers.

Flagship Store
9, Laxmi Complex,
M.I. Road, Jaipur – 302001