Diet Myths Every Bride-To-Be Should Know!


With so many diet myths and facts available online, it can get quite confusing to find out which of these will give you the maximum results without affecting your overall health. And, if the date to your wedding is getting closer then you must have already started to panic and possibly crash dieting, or begun working pretty hard on shredding those extra kilos. After all, who does not wish to look the best version of themselves and flaunt a flat tummy on their special day?

But for the sake of reducing weight, a lot of brides do the most obvious mistake of believing in everything and anything put in front of them that talks about weight loss. This will eventually lead to a bloated stomach and ultimately impact their health.So, make a note of these diet myths and facts to make the most of your pre-wedding weight loss without impacting your health!

Myth 1: You don’t need carbohydrate, when on a diet 

Do not cut off carbs completely from your don’t. Removing them totally from your diet can lead to low energy levels, higher health-related issues and most importantly, increased chances of weight gain. Also without carbs you will tend to be more hungry and you might tend to overeat.

The best alternative is to eat carbs in the right quantities or pick the ones rich in fibre over the processed ones.


Myth 2: You can skip meals and lose weight

Never starve and believe that you will lose weight. When you skip meals, your metabolism slows down. Skipping meals will lead to nutrient deficiency, hair loss, dull face which will not be good for your health.Skipping meals results in consuming more calories, as one tends to eat more at the next meal and that’s not the way to go if you are planning to lose weight.

Myth 3: Going Gluten-Free is necessary 

You absolutely should not be skipping on gluten unless you’re diagnosed with celiac disease or any other auto-immune disease which responds to gluten, there’s no reason to entirely eliminate gluten from your diet.

Myth 4: Going dairy free is good 

If you enjoy your paneer, milk or any other dairy, stopping on dairy out of the blue will definitely show in your metabolism and may even cause long term nutritional deficiencies. Calcium is a very vital nutrient and it is something you should not be skipping 


Myth 5: Adding supplements is great over actual food 

Supplements as the word suggests supplements the food as in adds on to the food. The advertisement might say that all you need is one tablet but if  anything that requires less effort and provides faster results has always tempted people the most and the result has never been good. 

Supplements may give one the desired result, but it’s effects do not last long and may even cause side effects.


Myth 6: Work out and eat whatever you want


When you want to lose weight, you need a balance between food and workout.You just simply can’t out-exercise a poor diet. You can’t fuel your body with junk and expect it to perform. Just like you wouldn’t expect your car to run without proper fuel,