Different ways to drape a saree


The wedding season has kicked off now and the mad rush is on to get the best outfits. But why should you be racking your brain and wasting your time trying to find something to wear to a wedding or just to any event. Why not pick the humble tried and trusted saree.

With one saree, you can achieve 10 different looks and styles! It’s going to be nothing like you’ve tried and it’s definitely going to be flattering and completely worth it. More and more ladies are opting for such different styles rather  than a traditional lehenga only or saree only look for a wedding.

Pant Style

It’s easy, it’s comfortable, it’s functional and it’s super chic. It might just be the right style for the next wedding you have to attend. This look is stylish and traditional at the same time. Pair this look with any traditional jewellery and your good to go.

Lehenga half saree style 

The lehenga style saree is a semi-stiched garment that is split into different components. The skirt is the part that actually can help one identify that it as a lehenga saree, so this is arguably the most important piece in the whole ensemble. A lehenga saree can be crafted into a mermaid style, A-line cut, or a flared silhouette

Butterfly Style

This draping style is not only stylish, but it also makes you look slimmer. All you got to do is make extra thin pleats of your pallu and pin it on your shoulders. Spread out the lower part of the pleats of saree to make it look like tail of mermaid.

Seedha pallu style 

Seedha Pallu is known as the most popular draping style, worn by the women in Gujarat. The traditional saree style has become a metaphor for women in rural saree style. Generally, older women prefer seedha pallu drape across India. Apart from the ease of draping, seedha pallu style is very comfortable as compared to other draping styles.

Off Shoulder Style

Off-shoulder, draping style is famous for its blouse style. The main attraction and specialty of this draping style is its Off-shoulder blouse.To Look more beautiful, you can also try earring like dangle earrings, Jhumkas, a necklace like a choker style necklace, oxidized silver necklace

Pre-stitched Gown Style

If you really want to slay this style, you need to have a blouse that is absolutely killer. Sequined, net, jacket-style or peplum-style, for the pre-stitched gown style, you can experiment with your blouse as much as you want.