Dining Room Revamped

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One of the cosiest places, a dining room is the most underrated yet an integral part of any house. Bonding over food is probably the best thing to do. It is a place for the family members to disconnect with the outside world and connect with their own family. Interactions are an important aspect of a healthy family and dining room is the perfect place to unwind as you get a sneak-peek into your family member’s life. A well-designed dining room is inviting. The family members sit together and interact instead of wandering off to their respective rooms.

Here are ways to revamp your dining room for the perfect family dinners. 

1. Playing With Colours

A bright colour palette is not for the weak-willed. Not everyone can play around with colours. But if you are the one who likes colourful things, you can experiment with a whole lot of ways to add colour to your dining room; bright coloured chairs with subtle walls or vibrant wallpaper with neutral dining table. 

ideal home

2. Round Table 

A round table gives more moving space if the dining room is small. An added advantage is that it gives more room for conversation since everyone can see each other properly without anyone obstructing the view. 


3. Statement Lighting

A subtle dining room doesn’t mean that you can’t add drama to it. Instead of colours, opt for a statement lighting to brighten up the room. It looks extremely chic when only one element is highlighted in place of the entire room. 


4. Go With The Monotones

Select a single colour and play around with shades of the same colour. It gives a very playful look to the entire room. It will definitely take your revamping game to another level. 


5. Cushion It Up

Place lots and lots of cushions in the dining room. It gives a very relaxed vibe to the family members after a day of hard work. Not only that, even the guests will feel at home in such a comfortable set-up. 


6. Memory Wall

Apart from focusing on the dining table only, lay emphasis on decorating the remaining room as well. An important aspect is the walls. A picture wall looks great. Tactfully place photo frames of your loved ones on one of the walls. Do not overdo it as it won’t look good.