Dirty Dancing; To Fuel Your Fire


Dance is often confined to just being an activity for leisure. But contrary to this popular belief, dance is a form of art which holds powers manifold. It keeps you fit, instills a sense of confidence in you and evokes creativity. It is the hidden language for the soul, a form of self-expression and it helps in seeking solace.  But the most pivotal role that it plays is putting on the hat of an aphrodisiac as it aids in paving way for igniting or rekindling romance. Instead of shying away from the dance floor, put on your dancing shoes, grab your partner and waltz to the center of the stage, claiming your spot light. Take the lead and woo your lady-love with a little step-ball-change. Capture the essence of romance by indulging in one of the many passionate dance forms that are at your disposal.

One, Two, Cha-Cha-Cha

Ballroom-dance_920x380_scaled_cropp1Originating from Cuban, it was originally called the Cha-Cha-Cha and later descended into Cha-Cha. One of the most flirtatious forms of dancing, it involves a lot of movement of the hips. It is a playful and fun dance form which transports you to a sensual haven.

Sultry Salsa


beac17fa6f791189fddada836b8a3bbaDated back to the 1920’s, Salsa is one of the most magical forms of ballroom dancing. It involves lead and follow among the partners and is flexible enough to provide room for improvisation. It demands a lot of attitude and passion for each other, leaving the partners panting and the temperatures soaring.

Let’s Do The Rumba

2D4792A000000578-3267798-image-m-51_1444507067888The Grandfather of the Latin Dances, as it is popularly known, Rumba is considered as one of the slowest form of Latin International dances. But it is an extremely sexy form of dance due to its slow and passionate movements. The demeanor plays an important role in Rumba as the male comes across with a demanding and strong stance while the female plays coy.


Two To Tango

tango_dramatic_cropTango is associated with an element of fun and due to its instant effects of relaxation, it is believed to increase the testosterone levels and heighten the senses of a couple, putting them in a sensual and light mood. So let the fear and hesitation take a back seat and let your heart speak for a change. Grab your partner and sweep her off her feet with with your dance skills and oozing charm.