Diwali Celebration Ideas for Newlywed Brides

Diwali Celebration Ideas

Diwali Celebration Ideas: Diwali is one of the most prominent and loved festivals in Hinduism. The festival lasts for 5 days. It is a festival of positivity and victory. It is the only time when people do the deep cleaning of their houses. They decorate their houses with lights, paper frills, balloon lanterns, and diyas. It is the festival that brings the family together.

For newlywed brides, Diwali brings a different joy and excitement. It gets a little more challenging for them to organise every bit in the best possible way. From cleaning every corner of the house to embellishing it perfectly she has a lot of responsibilities. A newlywed bride brings freshness and a new spark to the house. For the new brides, you can also do some remodelling with your house or change the colour of your walls. It will brighten up the place. Here are some tips for newlywed brides to adorn their new place with these fresh ideas. 

What is Diwali without diyas? And diyas feel all the more special when they are hand-made. So, for the newlyweds, you can decorate the diyas with paint colours or can enhance them with other decorative stuff. When you will light them they will look very pretty. Also, your in-laws will certainly feel impressed with this activity of yours.

Light up your space with lanterns and fairy lights in an innovative way. You can make the lanterns by yourself also. Paper lanterns look very exotic and beautiful. If you do not know how to make one, watch some videos to get an idea. This step of yours will excite your new family. Decorate the lanterns with lights and you can hang them with thread.

Diwali pujan is the primary thing and it is the only activity where every member of the family sits in the same room. For the newlyweds, it becomes all the more auspicious festival. The newlywed brides can embellish the puja thali with laces and garnish them with flowers.

It is a sweet and simple gesture that you can show towards your family. Get them pretty little things keeping their likes in mind. They will feel that they matter to you and they are in your thoughts. Wrap them up in pretty gift papers. Everyone will be charmed by this gesture of yours.

This will be your first Diwali with your in-laws. So, adorn yourself with a lovely traditional Indian outfit. Go for the colours that are light and go with the décor. This will leave a positive impression on them. It works as a kind of décor as you are decorating yourself!

You can keep it fun by planning some games that include the whole family. This will be a great source to bond over. Furthermore, it will keep the mood light and relaxing. You can innovate your own games also.

You can make a Rangoli with colours or flowers whatever pleases you. Diwali is a festival of lights, stuffing your tummy with a lot of yummy sweets and also it is a festival of prosperity. Enjoy your first Diwali with your new family. Form a bond over little things. Show them how creative you are. They will come to know about you and you will come to know about them. Celebrate this auspicious festival and burn all the negativity from your mind and your home.