DIY Decor Ideas For Your Wedding


As the name itself clearly suggests, DIY decor basically means creating minimalistic yet attractive decorative pieces and elements for decorative purposes. And this trend is now everywhere and people are going gaga over this concept. And evidently, people have started adopting this idea for their wedding decor as well. 

You know your whole wedding is basically DIY since the beginning, from finding the groom to finding your lehenga to arranging the whole wedding, everything is a whole big DIY task and very tiring but that’s where the fun lies anyway, isn’t it? Similarly adding the DIY decorative elements to your wedding decor just adds that fun factor in gallons. These can range from cute slate welcome boards to coloured beer bottle backdrops for a photo booth to many other similar perky pieces. 

If you are planning to go for the DIY vibe for your wedding, you need to pre-plan your setting and decoration pieces beforehand in your head so that you know what the final outcome would look like and it is exactly what you wanted to go for and for that you need to have ideas. And therefore, Wedding Affair has a list of DIY decor ideas for weddings that you can incorporate in your vision board and try out for your own wedding.

1. DIY photo booth

Photo Booths are the most favourite element of a wedding. Because you know no-one wants their hrs. of makeup and couture outfits to go in vain. And you can go as whacky and creative with your photo booth concepts as you can be and it will surely be the talk of the town amongst your guests. You can try out photo booths with origami fixtures or maybe put up a few breezy curtains along with some fairy lights and streamers and you shall be all ready with a fun and dreamy backdrop for your string of memorable pictures.

2. Hanging glass jar lanterns

Glass jar decor has lately been very much a part of wedding decor and it is quite justified why as they look heavenly in any type of setting or format, be it as centrepieces with flowers in it or as candle stands. The reflective properties of glass make it look very beautiful under any kind of light which is why glass jar lanterns grab the eyeballs like no other. These are the ultimate definition of pretty and elegant.

 3. Cute table centrepieces

Again, you can try decorated cute little glass bottles or vintage-inspired abstract teapots with flowers or other decorative elements in them and make them your centrepiece for guest tables. We can guarantee, everybody would be simply in love with them.

4. Quirky signages

Who doesn’t like a dash of humour here and there around them and well it’s clearly not just the looks that got you hooked to your man. Jokes apart but also not steering totally away from them, we highly recommend adding quirky and funky signages around your wedding venue with witty and ‘punny’ one-liners written on them. These look uberly cool and also help in creating an engaging environment around the ceremony.

5. The wooden crate as decorative pieces

A polished or a rustic wooden crate can be very creatively used as a decorative piece as either a table centrepiece with potpourri and flowers or as an elaborate corner piece with a few crates joined together to create an innovative structure.  These are very versatile and you can use them and innovate them into something new however you want.  

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