DIY Edition: Go organic with your makeup products


All the girls and boys out there, how fond are you of makeup? Well, silly question, Of course, all you girls are gaga over makeup routines. But are your makeup products taking care of your skin health? If not, then we have a list of DIY organic makeup pointers that might help you get rid of your usual, expensive, and chemical-based makeup products. Have a look at how can you create your favorite makeup products from scratch with an organic touch to the same. 

Crayon Tint Lipsticks 

Speaking of beauty and eco-friendly tactics, did you know that you can diss your chemical-based lip tints and create new ones from scratch? That too with those kiddy crayons? Well, no we’re not fooling around, this is actually true. All your need to do is to melt your favorite crayon colors separately, add vaseline petroleum jelly and feel free to add some of your preferred essential oils like sunflower, jojoba, or even coconut oil to the mixture. Stir well, and there you have your perfectly curated non-toxic DIY lipstick from crayons. 

DIY Makeup

Friendly Foundation 

Well, not that kinda friendly, we meant an eco-friendly foundation. Speaking of maintaining an organic structure for your makeup, then the first ingredient that strikes is a foundation. All you need is cinnamon powder and cocoa powder in minimal quantities according to your skin tone preference. Followed by mixing the dry powders together in a container, and lastly add a few drops of coconut oil or jojoba oil. Stir the mixture well, and there you go! You have your perfectly blended non-toxic foundation. 

Smokey Liner 

Well, eyeliner is something that every girl oughts to carry in their mini makeup pouch. But what about the best quality for your eyes? It’s time for you to diss your expensive and luxurious eyeliners, and grab a few ingredients to make a new one from scratch. All you need is a vitamin E capsule, aloe vera gel, and a few capsules of activated Charcoal. Mix all these ingredients in required capacities, stir them well and add them into an eyeliner container. Now, you’re all set for a long-lasting and organically produced eyeliner. 

DIY Makeup

Loose Powder 

This is probably the ingredient that you will find in every diva’s travel kit, the loose finish powder, it is what gives the ultimate touch to your makeup look. So, in order to give an organic touch to this last step of your makeup routine, we will help you out in creating a simple DIY loose finish powder. All you need for this is arrowroot powder, zinc, cacao powder, and cinnamon powder, and a few drops of vitamin E might do wonders. Mix these powders according to your skin tone- light, medium, or dark. Stir them well, and there you have your pocket-friendly organic loose powder. 

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