DIY Face Packs For the Bridal Glow


You might have tried several beauty products and visited your parlour regularly, but nothing works like the homemade beauty treatment on the skin. The secret of the ubtans and face masks are passed on from our Nani’s and Dadi’s to our Mom’s and then to us. As we know that old is gold, similarly these DIY Secrets are the golden advice passed on to us from the time when there were no parlours to make the skin glow for the wedding day. We know you are busy planning your wedding and you don’t have time to shortlist the best DIYs for your skin. So we’re here with some of the best and most effective home remedies for your skin so that even if you don’t hit the salon, you’ll still manage to look flawless!

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Fuller Earth Face Packs

Fuller Earth is also known as Multani Mitti, which is an ingredient that one can find in almost every household. Be it our first acne, tan or glow; Multani Mitti has always been our first go-to DIY. But if we specifically talk about glow, here are a few face packs for that:

-Multani mitti with honey for radiant skin

-Multani mitti with papaya pulp for glowing skin

-Multani mitti with sandalwood powder for even-toned skin.


Gram Flour Face Packs

Gram flour is famously known as Besan and it has some miraculous complexion whitening properties. It has properties to balance the ph level of our skin, absorb excess oil and dirt from the skin and also act as a good cleanser. Here are some ingredients which when mixed with gram flour can give a healthy glowing skin

-Besan with aloe vera for soft supple skin

-Besan with turmeric for fair skin

-Besan with lime juice for dark spots removal and skin lightening

-Besan with green tea for dullness free skin.


Banana Face Packs

Banana pulp is the best for providing moisture to dry and dull skin, to prevent acne and to lighten dark spots. Banana is a rich source of vitamins and when applied to the skin, it can do wonders.

-Banana with honey/coconut oil for hydrated skin

-Banana with sandalwood powder and honey for glowing skin

-Banana with lemon juice for hyperpigmentation.


Avocado Face Packs

With all the hectic schedule and market visits, it’s likely for your skin to be dry and flaky. Avocados are a rich source of fatty acids, omega and vitamins which help to provide nourishment to the skin and help in collagen formation. So to treat your dryness and give a glowy look here are some DIYs:

-Avocado with milk and honey for complexion and soft skin

-Avocado with lemon and honey for glow

-Avocado with olive oil for nourished skin


Even if you miss out on your salon sessions and don’t want to risk using chemical treatments before your wedding day; these facemasks will definitely fulfil all your requirements for a fresh wedding look.