DIY Workspaces From Your Work From Home Days


Offices, businesses are closing, schools and colleges are cancelling their classes, and a whole lot of people accustomed to the hectic schedule of 9 to 5 discovering themselves working from home as the world gets to convulse with the drastic coronavirus pandemic. Sharing space with the family is a bit difficult task for the newly-ousted from their offices, but if you have a soothing workplace in your own home to do the office chores, then it’s the perfect solution to a big chunk of your troubles right now. Here, we have some excitingly relaxing and simple “Do It Yourself” workspace ideas that are sure a relief to your quarantine workaholic stresses.

Get a separate space for you wherever you feel comfortable within your home. Have a relaxing chair and table or a couch over there where you can sit with patience and work. If you cannot close the door on your family, then have a recognised indicator that you are focusing – whether it is that you are wearing your noise cancelling headphones, or you have a sign taped up saying when you will next be taking a break – sets the expectation that just because you are physically present that does not mean you are mentally available.

You can use a commercially available standing desk for your work or, you can make your own standing surfaces out of stacks of boxes and books. The significant point is getting the ergonomics right – your posture and the position of your keyboard and other peripherals in relation to your body. It can in reality be convenient to do by simply adding or removing a book or box from the pile.

You can even set up your work table with a fine pot of coffee, chugging caffeine in between the breaks. Keep some snacks in small airtight jars for your happy munching with that hint of work from home fun. You can also add some interesting magazine and fiction/non-fiction books to your table, maybe after your lunch break for half an hour you can read them, breathing a change, energising your interests in the workflow.

Apart from these, you can deck up your very own table with some artistic postcards, mini paintings, a family photo frame, cool stationeries, handmade calendar, and some coloured stones in mini pots of small garden plants. If you are way much creative, then keep creative diaries over there so that you can take short breaks in between to write down your thoughts, quotes or doodle something or even do a full creative illustration. All this will collectively add more to your quarantine memories.

Last, but not the least you can even have a lap desk on your bed to finish up your work with happy writing, reading and conferencing. Put some pillows behind your back, so that you give some relaxation to your spinal cord amidst all work load. Besides your bed, you can have a small table with all the essentials on it, say your iPod, coffee mug, snack jar, table clock and calendar, mobile, charger and plug-ins, hard-disks, dairies, etc. 


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