#DIYDeclutter: 5 tips to declutter your living space


Are you feeling cluttered sitting at home all this while? Well, then we have five tips that might help you declutter your living space. Follow the tips mentioned below. 

Donate unwanted stuff 


Since most of us are sitting at home and chilling or doing all the office work, but that too from your home space. And due to this, there is a lot of time that you think that your room or your entire house needs declutter therapy, and the first step to de-clutter your living space is to get rid of the unwanted stuff. And how can you do that? Probably by donating to someone who needs it more than you. From grown-out clothes, unused stationery to even unwanted furniture, you can get rid of all this just by donating. By doing so you’ll not just take a step towards decluttering your home, but also help someone in need. 

Analyze your home carefully 


A deep and critical analysis of your living space is the second step you need to take in order to move towards decluttering. Think of all the things that you don’t use anymore and make a list of all the things that you need to get rid of. This way you’ll take an organized step towards living in a better and clean space. So, what are you waiting for? Begin with the analysis and make that list!

Make four different labeled boxes

Speaking of getting rid of stuff you can probably think of dividing your work into four parts by keeping four different boxes that say trash, donation, relocation and keep. This way your mind will be less tangled and your living space too. You can start with the clean-up process and analyze each item as for what box is it suitable for and once you do that, drop it that box. By the end, you’ll have clarity about what all are you about to donate, keep, relocate and throw away. 

Natural light might help too


Well, this might come out a little weird for a lot of you, but this is actually true. If you’re planning on redecorating your existing place or moving to a new one then one way to declutter your living space would be to allow natural sunlight to enter. Because it’s not just good for your health, but natural sunlight also helps to tone the vibe of your room on a softer side and make it look minimal and grounded instead of dark and stacked up. 

Keep it minimal 

At times even when you redecorate and clean your living space, it still looks shabby and cluttered, so if you want to avoid that, then one way is to keep your interiors on the minimal side. Because buying loud and extra furniture might make your space look naturally cluttered. So, if you need to give a de-clutter look to your room or your home then make sure to buy the needful items in terms of furniture and keep your color palette on the natural and nuder side. 

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