Don’t ever take these for granted after marriage


No matter how much we love our partners there are some small things that we stop doing after we make things official or marriage. No matter how minuscule these acts might seem they make a huge difference in our lives and relationships. Here are seven things you should never quit doing even after there is no longer a need to woo your partner.

Greeting Each Other Lovingly

What’s better than returning home to a warm smile and a cosy hug to soothe you. It’s always good to know that at the end of the day there is someone who cares for you and truly loves you. Similarly, a good morning kiss won’t harm either. Greeting each other this way ensures that your love remains intact and the warmth remains eternal. 


Date Nights

Remember the fun times you had in your courting period? What about reliving them? The romance and chemistry need not end after marriage, whisk your partner away to spend some quality time every now and then. Marriage should not mean that date nights should be thrown out of the window. No, not at all!

Surprise, Surprise!

The cycle of surprises need not and should not end, in fact, it should get better with time. Surprising your partner can not only fuel the fire in your relationship but your gesture will surely be reciprocated by your partner. Keep surprising your partner with either cute little gifts or by doing together different activities that brings out the best in you.

Being Forgetful 

Forgetting important dates is a big no-no. With technologically advancement being forgetful is no longer an inherent flaw, it’s a choice. Remembering your anniversary, your partner’s birthday and the first time you met is the least you can do. 

The Ebbs And Flow

Don’t hesitate in taking the initiative to resolve a fight, the same way you did while you were dating your partner. Giving the cold shoulder to your partner is the worst way to tackle any argument. Marriage doesn’t mean that you are going to agree on everything. But yes it would be huge help if you agree on the things that matters the most.


Don’t Hush The Sex Life

Married life doesn’t mean that the sex has to lessen. Rekindle your love life and make time for some passionate lovemaking. Physical intimacy is not the most important part of a relationship, but yes one can’t deny that it is an important part. And marriage should make it better, not curtail it.

Being Appreciative

If your beloved is looking too hot to handle then don’t forget to shower them with compliments. Being kind never goes out, so don’t shy away from the little acts of kindness. Never forget to take out some time to appreciate the good that your partner has. It can be appreciating their cooking or their organisational skills. Be more appreciative and less critical. If you have a problem with something, deal it with tact. Try to make them understand, without getting aggressive.

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