Don’t Forget to Add These Items to your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Wedding Affair

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, but this can easily take a turn in opposite direction with one small mishap or a minor accident. It is crucial for you to be prepared for every kind of situation on the wedding day to avoid stress and breakdown. Maintaining an emergency kit can act as a life saver in case of an emergency.

You’ll surely thank yourself for making this kit and adding random Knicks and knacks that you thought earlier were irrelevant. This kit will save you from a copious amount of stress and anxiety and you’ll be the most relaxed bride in history!

Here are 17 things that you should add to your wedding day emergency kit.

  1. Safety pins

Safety pins are literally the best friend of any Indian bride. Weddings are usually hours long and after some time your dupatta or lehnga may get loose. Worry not! You have safety pins for your rescue. These will solve your wardrobe problem within seconds. So, remember to stock up on these.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Safety pins are your BFF
  1. First-aid kit

Accidents happen without any warning, so it’s best to have a first aid kit handy. Furthermore, in the case of shoe bites, you can use Band-Aids on the affected area to relieve yourself from the pain. Also, make sure to put some antacids and headache medicine in this kit.

  1. Straws

You don’t want to ruin your lipstick while drinking water or some cocktails. Keep some straws handy for yourself as well as your friends and enjoy some drinks without worrying about your makeup.

Save your lipstick, use straws!
  1. Mini Sewing Kit

Wardrobe malfunction is everyone’s nightmare. Having a mini sewing kit at this time can help you in saving your day and mood. You or your bridesmaid can easily stitch some minor rips or snags in the case of a fashion faux pas.

  1. Bobby pins

Most brides have an elaborate hairstyle on their big day. So, having bobby pins handy will make sure that your beautiful hairstyle stays in place during the whole wedding affair. These will be extra helpful if you have made a bun or have put flowers in your hair.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Bobby pins will keep your hairstyle intact
  1. Earring backs

You do not want to lose your expensive earrings while dancing your heart out. So, extra earring backs will make sure that your precious diamonds stay put as you set the dance floor on fire.

  1. Double-Sided Tape

It may seem silly to carry this in your kit but trust me, a double-sided tape can solve almost all your fashion-related problems. From your maang tika to your blouse, it can help you with everything.

  1. Comb or hair brush

Tame those flyaways and baby hair with a mini comb or hair brush and have an impeccable hairstyle throughout your big day.

A comb is always useful
  1. Tampons/ Pads

Aunty-Flo can be an unexpected guest. She can knock on your or any of your bridesmaid’s doors without warning. So, it’s best to have a stock of tampons or pads in case of an emergency.

  1. Snacks

Many brides forget to eat because of the wedding jitters. Having a snack like a granola bar, dry fruits or just a bag of chips can be of major help.  Nobody wants a hangry bride.

Cashews are a great snacking option
  1. Blotting sheets

Heavy makeup and jewelry can cause your sweat glands to work overtime. Having blotting sheets at hand will help you in removing that extra shine and oil from your face without ruining your perfect makeup.

  1. Mini makeup kit

Invest in travel-size bottles of your favorite makeup products and ask your makeup artist to give you some portion of the lip color you’ll wear at your wedding. You can easily touch up your makeup after some time and make sure that you are looking your absolute best in your wedding photos.

Travel-sized makeup for touch up
  1. Tissues (Wet and Dry)

Weddings are emotional affairs. Be it the occasion of vidaai or any other event, you are bound to shed a tear or two at your wedding. So, tissues will make sure that your eyeliner or mascara doesn’t bleed through along with your tears. Also, wet tissues are great to freshen up as well.

  1. Nail clippers & filers

In any case, if your perfectly manicured nails get chipped or broken, it is important to have nail clippers and a filer handy. While you are at it, make sure to keep the nail polish of the shade you are wearing in your kit as well.

Nail Clipper
  1. Toothbrush and Dental Floss

Everyone loves garlic naan, but it results in bad breath. Put a mini toothbrush and toothpaste in your bag and have a fresh minty breath at all times.

Dental floss is a great option to ensure that none of the delicacies got stuck in your teeth while you were enjoying them.

  1. A small pouch or zip lock bag

You usually have to remove some sort of jewelry by the end of the day. You can keep all small jewelry pieces like earrings, rings, or chains in this bag for safe keeping and preventing them from getting lost in your bag.

  1. Perfume and Deodorant

Nobody wants to smell bad, especially on their wedding day.  Keep a small bottle of deodorant and your favorite perfume to smell amazing even after hours of rituals and dancing.

Smell good all day long

The list is surely extensive but in the end, your emergency bridal kit would be the undefeated champion of all the unexpected small disasters on your wedding day. You would be the most relaxed and carefree bride and your wedding will be an affair to remember!