Don’t Miss Onto These Wedding Trends


Weddings have always been about customs and rituals, but what makes the Gen-Z weddings special are the wedding trends that proliferate amongst them. If you are someone who is planning their wedding shortly, be sure to not make it a monotony. Play with colours and décor, think about accessories and more to make your wedding a saga of amor.

To help you and ensure that you do not miss your wedding fun, we are here with a list of wedding trends to make your day special, even under the sun!

  1. Silver Touches: A famous quote says, “Silver touches, moreso than gold. Silver can add some old-world charm to any modern space.” If you are a modern kid with a 90’s heart, silver touches are what you need for your wedding! Basking in the glory of a wedding lit with ivory and silver who would not want to exchange vows?
                                                                                         Silver Touches. Source: Elegant Wedding
Silver Touches. Source: Elegant Wedding

2. Bridgerton-Inspired Wedding: Pop culture never fails to inspire and fascinate wedding trends, and Netflix’s “Bridgerton” steals the show. It is an affair of love desired by many. The British drama features Prussian blue tones, puffed sleeves, and plenty of bows. Brides braided in the Bridgerton craze seek to capture the scandalous romances, dramatic plots, and affair of amor. If you are a fan of the drama, who knows you could be the next Daphne?

It's both: too much, and not enough.
It’s both: too much, and not enough. Source: Green Wedding Shoes

3. Create a Picture Corner: Pictures, pictures, and pictures are what live when the occasion is over. Ensure that you and your guests have something to treasure for a lifetime. Get your nooks ready and lit up to become the spots for the best Instagram-worthy pictures. Because, after all, what a wedding that never made it to the gram! Seek inspiration to deck up the corners with moods. If you plan for something comfortable and snuggly, go for fairy lights. However, if you plan for adventure, go for heavy leafy décor. Let the vibe attract your tribe!

Picture Corner
Picture Corner. Source: Elegant Wedding

4. Fly Me To The Moon: Something about the space has us all a little star-struck- there’s a beauty and mysticism in its vast horizon as imagined by our astronomic fascinations. An ancient belief also upholds that the Universe symbolizes a connection between Love and Marriage. It is no wonder that starry skies have been associated with destiny and adventures worthy of a ride for life. One of the famous songs by Count Basie, “Fly Me To The Moon” is hands-on everyone’s favourite but ever thought about what a wedding-themed this song would look like? Well, grab cues from here! Let your love fly. “…for wherever you go, I shall find you. My love has wings, my love can fly.”

Fly Me To The Moon
Fly Me To The Moon. Source: Elegant Wedding

5. Silver Sage, Mustard and Dust: Where there has been a long going trend to follow either the bold red or sparkling silver at weddings and saga. Be you, be yo-UNIQUE! The Silver Sage, Mustard and Dust inspired wedding trend is something you would not want to miss. A small number of people have been told to drift from the ancient white-themed wedding switch to silver sage, but there is no beating the additional mustard and dust effect to it! To complement the theme, adding some colour elements of Silver Sage, Mustard, and Dust to your attires will make the entire look a treat to the eye.

                                              Silver Sage, Mustard, and Dust.
Silver Sage, Mustard, and Dust. Source: Parties and Events



What are you waiting for? Make your wedding a gossip of the town with these wedding trends!