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Your home decor is unfinished without the right cutlery to go with your kitchen. When you act as a host, wrong cutlery can actually act as a dealbreaker for your entire preparation. It is right when they say that ‘eat with eyes first’. Hence, with the right cutlery to go with your dinnerware, you can elevate your entire experience. Wedding Affair explains the right usage of cutlery for your home!

The Importance of Cutlery

Cutlery is the final touch to your table setting but is arguably the first thing that your customers notice. Done well it adds to the ambience, décor and overall customer experience. Get it wrong and the cutlery can stick out like a mismatched button on a blazer. The stonewashed treatment means that each piece is unique and eye-catching. Glass bead finishing creates a more delicate finish that is silk-matt to touch. For those who prefer more highly polished cutlery colour options include copper, silver, anthracite, gold and light gold.

DIY Upcycled Cutlery

If you’re getting ready to buy some new kitchen utensils, then get creative with your old ones. For many, it may sound silly, but it is not weird at all. Don’t just throw them out, use them for decor. Silverware can be used to create fun and exciting crafts which also the whole family will enjoy. These crafts can be used as home decor, gifts, and even art. The possibilities are endless with silverware crafts and there seem to be new ones coming out every week. Re-purposing items you were going to throw out anyway make the best crafts.

Elevate your Hosting skills

An important aspect of entertaining is having a proper table layout with complete place settings for everyone. Having proper plates, glasses and cutlery are crucial so that when food is served, guests aren’t stuck looking for their forks and spoons. Give your hosting skills a massive boost that promise to elevate your table setting while earning you brownie points for décor.


Adding Rose Gold Tints

Ellementry offers a refined way of living. They recently launched two collections of bespoke cutlery that add the perfect shine and style to the upcoming festivities. 

Aura and Enigma, the two festive cutlery collections are handcrafted in high-quality stainless steel giving them a smooth finish and are dusted in gold and rose gold look, adding a sophisticated gleam. The 100 per cent food-safe gold and rose gold satin finishes add a festive sparkle to your tables and elegance to your everyday dining. The two cutlery sets are ergonomically designed and are evenly weighted for comfort. They are suitable for contemporary Indian dining and entertaining. Their minimal and sophisticated shapes give them a refined form, and the tones of gold and rose gold depict the royal and festive look, elevating any meal into a special occasion and create a fine dining experience right at your home. 

The collections consist of dining spoons, forks, knives, teaspoons and ladle sets.

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