DP and her look book: Deepika Padukone edition


Deepika Padukone is all about style statements, so have a look at a few tips to take inspiration from her Deepika’s look book:

Classy and sassy!

The queen of B-town is all about throwing sass and class-like confetti, and while we speak of taking some style tips from her well then the first and foremost tip to follow is to keep your looks classy and sassy. No matter how basic your t-shirt might look you can always make your basic tees and your basic wardrobe a sassy touch just like Deepika does. So, if you’re looking for some class to style your basic clothes then Deepika Padukone is your go-to person for the same.

Black is the all-time basic!


Well, you might’ve heard the phrase that if “it’s not black then put it back!” and that is something Deepika Padukone takes a little extra seriously. She LOVES her black ensembles and I guess we all do, so if you’re looking for some black outfit ideas well then you should definitely take a look at Deepika’s style sense and get your black outfits on the roll.

Midi dresses all the way!

Well, now this is so damn true because we have always seen Dips calling Dibs on the style quotient of midi dresses. The ace actress is always spotted looking all hot and sexy in her mid-length dresses, and if you’re a little skeptical about how to style your look, then you can always look into her sassy style booklet just to sure of keeping your look book smart yet sexy.

Minimal vibes!

deepika padukone

Deepika Padukone is all about keeping her look classic with her minimal look. And by minimal what we mean to say is that she makes sure to look all glammed up and extravagant, but with her minimal makeup and her subtle accessory game.

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