The Dramatic Eyeliner Chronicles



The human face is like a canvas, and the exceptionally vast range of beauty products are the tools to paint the canvas. A canvas reflects an artist’s soul and emit’s a number of stories that are otherwise left untold. And we possess the ability to tell our stories on a regular basis, but we choose to play safe and stay hidden in our cocoons instead.Living in the 21st century, among people open to experiments and geared for change, we ought to play with elements of drama. And I’d say, there is no better way to start than with the doorway to a person’s soul: the eyes, with some dramatic eyeliner tales.

If you know your way around the wand of a mascara and the bottle of liquid eyeliner, then this will come easy to you.

Being bold is not just about showing-off or coming across as loud to people, it’s a matter of self-expression. It builds confidence and gives people the courage to take decisions which they’d otherwise be discouraged from taking.

 Looks You Must Try:
    1. The Punk Princess

      2. The Geeky Gal

      3. The Elsa The Goth

      5. The Futuristic Femme

      6. Feline Blue
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