Dresses to don on this Valentine’s Day..


With Valentine’s day approaching, the top searches on a girl’s mind as well as her google history is ‘Dresses to wear on Valentine’s date’, after all she has to look irresistible and flamboyant in front of her date. Look no more girls, as Wedding Affair provides you a guide on the dresses to be worn on specific types of dates.

Dinner at a Restaurant

A formal and most common approach to Valentine’s day celebration, a date at a restaurant provides you with an opportunity to indulge in an intimate talk and to know the unknown, or know the known, even better. Echo with the ambiance and put forward your elegant and sophisticated face. Amalgamating with the vibes, don a knee length or a full length graceful and charming dress to enhance your curves in dingy shades. Accessorize yourself in minimal jewelry, maybe with a watch, a single chain necklace and earrings.

Movie Date

Going on a movie date is an advancement towards making a great memory. One can even indulge in a romantic walk alongside the town after the movie. But the movie date may seem a bit of a challenge as one has to sit for long hours. So play safe and go for a bit casual yet refined look. Wear a Bodycon Dress of midi or full length and pair it with sneakers or don a leather jacket over your black dress, giving yourself an energetic and jaunty impression.

A Long Walk

An ideal date for a romantic getaway on Valentine’s day, a long walk with your partner gives you ample time to dwell in unlimited talk and divulge your thoughts. Sheathe a comfortable dress combined with pleasant-fitting footwear to allow yourself to indulge in a hassle-free walk, paying full attention to your date. Wear a plain or ripped jeans combined with a top and jacket or an open knit crop sweater paired with sneakers and simply accessorized with a watch.

Date at Home

An opportunity to reside in your comfort zone, date at home gives you the chance to show your sexy attire. Go on a sexy and elegant looking spree and make your date realize that you are the best he can get. Slay the look with adding further sexiness with black stilettos.

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