Drinks to serve at your Diwali party

Diwali Drinks

If you’re planning to serve the same old soft drinks or fruit juices at your Diwali party this time, think again. Give a fun makeover to the Diwali party games with these drinks. Create your version of game like truth or shot! After munching on sweets and savories, these shots are sure to drive away the feeling of tiredness and nausea. Wedding Affair brings to you some really quirky drinks to serve your guests this Diwali season.

Chocolate Hazelnut Shake

There’s always this one person in the group who is craving for chocolate, all the time. This drink is tailor-made for them. This milkshake is rich, decadent and oh-so-delectable. Oh, and the drink is sure to strike a chord with kids as well.

Virgin Pinacolada

The sweetness of the coconut milk with the tartness of pineapple, will make every sip a hit with your guests. Serve virgin pinacolada in a tender coconut shell and jazz it up with hibiscus flowers and pineapple wedges.

Mulled Wine

Balance the flavors of the food at your Diwali bashwith a glass warming mulled wine. Red wine brewed with fresh apples, zest of orange and spiciness of cardamom and star anise is a superb drink for your Diwali party. A glass of this wine will boost your antioxidant levels. This perfect drink is sure to elevate the enjoyment of eating and drinking at the same time. Are you ready for this one?

Rose Coconut Drink

Shakeup tender coconut water, fresh mint leaves, lemon juice, rose syrup and a dash of salt to create a refreshing drink. Alongside besan ke laddoos, chaklis, this refershing rose coconut cooler will be a perfect accompaniment. Your guests are simply going to love it.

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