Drip wedding cakes for a flavoursome experience

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The drip cake is yet another non-traditional alternative to the classic white tiered cake for couples to celebrate their wedlock. A dream for frosting lovers finally ends up meeting the mouth-watering drip wedding cakes. In creating such confectioneries for the sweet-tooth souls, it is a fun way to add a splash of colour or simply bring a neutral tone in stark contrast to a bold-hued bite. After all, who doesn’t like some decorations on their wedding cake? Adding more ideas to the decorating part, a pink glaze or ruby-red icing is always a sweet choice.

A Fruity Treat

Hearty fruits, figs and berries are popular choices for an earthy vibe whereas trading them in for oranges and grapes for a more carefree feel finally lifts the mood of your drip wedding cake. Adornments of fauna and flora have always elevated a cake to the next level. Hand-painted motifs and watercolour brush strokes breathe a fresh air of whimsy underneath the waterfall of frosting in such wedding cakes. All these surely going to make you and your guest salivating. Talking about the varieties of drip cakes that are scrumptious, a three-tiered masterpiece in dripping caramel, adorned with the organics of wild greenery, strewn fruit and an outstanding rose-toned bloom is a must-have.


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Caramel & Chocolate

The drips don’t have to be confined to frosting. For many of the wedding planners, one of their favourite looks is the trickling caramel and also a flowing mountain of chocolate ganache. Also, a dreamy white-chocolate drip looks like an icicle frozen in time. These versatile drip wedding cake ideas go well for a rustic fall backyard wedding with a breezy oceanfront destination reception or even in a modern industrial-chic venue. The trick lies only in how well the cake adornment is. Here is a sweet amalgamation of the drip ideas that will surely make your wedding worth memorable. 

Lets Go Dark

Another to add to the list, a nearly-naked single-tier cake, topped with dark chocolate ganache, a shower of berries and ruby-red flora are wedding cake drama in decadence. Have you given a thought to a slick grey icing that thickly crowns a cotton-candy-pink-tier, while echoing the slate colours of the bottom layer as your wedding cake? If not, then give it a thought because it gives an absolute contemporary feel. Another confection literally takes your wedding cake when it comes to dealing with a bold and rad look. Chocolate moulded like copper embellishments at both top and bottom with macaron accents and complementary drips cascading down each monochromatic watercolour layer is the real beauty with taste. 

A Dash Of Cinnamon

A one-tier show-stopper puts a modern twist on boho with warm tones of ruby and orange, fresh pomegranate and gilded metallic foil accents. This drool-worthy confection accented with doughnuts is perfect for an autumn wedding. A bottom tier of chocolate dessert with a tinge of pumpkin and cinnamon combined with a top tier of apple-spice cake for a two-toned look of ivory semi naked frosting and popping white glaze is another scrumptious highlight. Last but not the least, a raspberry glaze with a splash of colour to a white-chocolate cake complemented by rings of berries, greenery and lavender organic florals is a wonderful springtime concoction.


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Charming Colours

A charming cake with a cue from nature, baby-blue brush strokes as reminiscent of the sea, white icing drips mimicking icicles and succulent adornments is another wedding cake delight. A beautiful festoon of flora and fauna has been just as lavish, serving a statement piece that welcomes a southern charm. A cake this way really looks divine! Another power drip cake idea is a cake with blueberries and blackberries frame contrasting white icing and speckled chocolate frosting for an earthy impact.

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