Dry Skin Blues taken care of! For the Glowy Winter Bride.



A winter wedding means cold breeze, bonfires and plenty of romantic moments. Everything has to be made cozy and comfy, and the best part? Hair doesn’t get frizzy and makeup doesn’t run! It’s a good season to block your wedding dates, and that’s why it is probably one of the popular seasons to have a wedding in India! Underneath all the glow, it’s a hard time for a winter bride who has dry skin. A smooth complexion and buttery skin is all that you cherish and with just a few tips in mind, this wish is going to be granted.

Prevention is better than cure (Months to go)
  • The skin is considerably drier in winter because there is less humidity in the air. The best thing you can do for your skin in this weather is to skip the long hot baths with water that scalds your skin. Instead, take showers with warm water and use a gentle body wash and cleanser. The goal here is to pack all the moisturizer in your skin and keep it there. So, lather on your body moisturizer as quickly as you can.

(Pro tip: Don’t rub your towel on your skin harshly. Instead, blot your wet skin just enough and apply moisturizer on damp skin.)

  • The above steps are the same that you follow for your face, except that you need to add another step before you apply the moisturizer. It’s the Toner. Though it is often noted that toners are for people with oily skin, it is imperative for people with dry skin to find alcohol free toners to work on the larger pores and keep them dirt free.
  • Hydrate! We have heard this since our childhood. But, winters mean cold (duh!) which means we aren’t feeling particularly thirsty. So, like always keep gentle reminders around you to drink your 8 glasses of water everyday.
Treating dry skin (Weeks to go.)
  • Exfoliating dry skin is another risky endeavor because of the high chances of over exfoliation. You have to be sure that you are not causing your skin to dry out. So, exfoliate but less frequently and lather on the moisturizer immediately after.

(Pro tip: Use a wash cloth with your cleanser instead of an enzyme or acid based product so that you can control the level of exfoliation. Natural oils just after the process will also help retain the softness of the skin.)

  • The one thing that is very common in people who have dry skin in winters is the feeling of a wrinkly face every time they wash their face. With weeks to go for your wedding, it’s time that you shift to a cream based cleanser, instead of putting your face through rigorous lathering of soaps.
  • You should also add another step after using a toner in your beauty ritual and that is of a hydrating serum in order to target the dry skin. 
Drenching dry skin (Just a few days to go.)
  • Go nuts with your body cream in the week before your wedding but ease up on the alcohol based food and drinks. It’s hard we know; it’s a time for celebration. But a beautiful bride needs to look hydrated and alcohol doesn’t help.
  • At nights, relax with soothing masks to give your skin the rest it so thoroughly needs to look dewy on your wedding day.

Smile! (It’s your wedding day.)

  • It’s your big day and the only thing you need to look the beautiful woman you are, is a tiny bottle of facial mist and that too only because you would like to look extra glowy in all of your photographs.