Quick Home workout for a flat tummy

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Working out from the comfort of one’s home is the most effective and easy way to lose weight. To gain the perfect shape of your body and minimize the excessive fat available on your belly and sides, you must try these easy workout exercises. If you want to get quick results, then regularly perform these exercises empty stomach for at least fifteen days. 

Plank pose

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Just as easy as it looks, it is not so simple to stay in a plank pose even for ten seconds for a beginner! With much practice on a routine basis, one can perfect the art of being in a plank pose and later also try the side plank dips. To get into a plank position, you may first lie on the floor facing your stomach. Then keeping hands shoulder-width apart to the floor and hips being parallel to the floor, try not to droop them. Resting your hands and elbows on the ground, lift your body straight in the plank position shown in the image and stay still for ten full breaths. Initially, you might find it hard to complete the full ten sets but gradually you’ll be able to. 


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Just as planks target the core area of the belly, V-ups are beneficial for the abs. To get toned muscles and diminish the fat on your abdomen, you must complete three sets of V-ups with ten repetitions. To get in the pose, slowly lift your arms and legs together towards each other while lying flat on your back. Make sure that your spine is straight as you move your hands towards your legs to form a triangle with your body. You may either perform three sets with ten reps or stay in this position for ten breaths. 


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Crunches are one of the best exercises to get a toned abdomen. It is usually done in sets of ten to fifteen repetitions. You can choose your reps as per your stamina and complete three sets of basic crunches. 

First, get into a crunch position while lying on the floor with bent knees and hands behind your head. To raise your abs towards hips, use the strength of your waist and shoulder. Bring your core to the knees by lifting your shoulder blades off the floor and pause in that position for a second. Lower down your back to the previous position and repeat three sets of ten or fifteen crunches.

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As we are aware of the fact that exercises help us a great deal in staying fit. However, maintaining a healthy diet is as much important as doing a physical workout. Whatever one eats determines a lot about how one feels and a healthy diet gets reflected in the glow on a person’s face.