Easy Ways to Improve Communication with Your Partner


Communication is the key in every relationship. It helps in keeping it healthy and strong. Chances of misunderstandings and petty fights decrease exponentially if the communication between you both is healthy.

But with a fast paced life and hectic careers, it can become quite difficult to maintain communication with your partners. Moreover, with lack of time, the reasons and chances of argument can increase. So, given are some ways which can help you improve communication with your significant other-

    • Don’t be passive aggressive

Passive aggressive responses are the enemy of every relationship. They end up doing nothing except for annoying both of you. Also, sometimes, a person cannot understand or decipher passive aggressive tone and can take the statement literally. Try to avoid these and be clear and honest about your feelings.

    • Accept your mistakes

It can be pretty hard to accept your shortcomings and sometimes you can get defensive and lash out. Don’t do that! Try and accept your mistakes and work towards improving those. Don’t gaslight your partner just for sharing what they felt.

    • Set aside time to talk

Have a fixed time where you both can talk without any outside interruptions including work and social media. This will help you both in sharing your thoughts or just sit in silence while enjoying each other’s presence.

    • Date nights are the answer

Have regular date nights in which you both dress up and do something special together. This will strengthen your bond and will give you both something to look forward to. Date nights will also ensure that you both will catch up to each other and make each other feel special.

    • Respect each other’s space

Yes! Giving each other space is also quite important in a relationship. Because every person deserves some privacy and distance otherwise he/she can start feeling suffocated. Also, giving each other some space will increase your trust and will make you feel secure in a relationship.

    • Leave surprise notes for each other

Yes your partner knows that you love them but it’s always good to get a reminder once in a blue moon. You both can leave surprise notes for each other with a sweet message or just a simple “I love you”, trust me, it’ll make their day.

    • Have a ritual

Start doing something together, it can be some hobby like painting or pottery or it can be a mundane task of cooking together or having one cup of tea and coffee together each day. This will make you spend some quality time with each other and it can be “your thing “which you do together no matter what.

Thus, having a healthy communication with your partner is not that difficult, provided that both of you are willing to take small steps towards it. Putting in efforts makes all the difference. And remember, it’s you and your partner vs. the problem not you vs. your significant other.

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