Easy Ways to Spruce up your Living Space


Turning a house into a home is something that can be a hard task, especially when you are a millennial or gen-Z living away from your friends and family. It is necessary for you to add simple things to your house to make it cozier and more comfortable.

Adding life to your living space can be quite easy and affordable. All you have to do is add splashes of color and different elements to an otherwise boring place.

Following are some of the ways which will help you in bringing life to your place

  • Become a plant parent

Nothing makes a house feel like home more than plants. Go to a nursery and buy some plants, and start taking care of them. This will make you feel more fulfilled and happy. Your space would look lively and your house will also get clean air.

Taking care of plants is also considered to improve mental health and make a person feel more at peace.

Plants can instantly liven up your space
  • Invest in some rugs

Rugs are great for spicing up a room. They are functional and look classy. Rugs give your room some warmth and coziness. Creative patterns on rugs can also make them a statement piece in the room. Rugs also make your room seem bigger and wider.

Furthermore, you can also sit on the floor and watch TV or Netflix, once you have installed some rugs.

Rugs give color to a place
  • Light up your space

Installing some lamps can instantly make a place feel more comfortable and warm. Soft yellow light from lamps and bulbs makes a place feel homier. You can also add some fairy lights to give your room a whimsical feel.

Installing warm lights would be especially helpful if your house/room does not receive enough natural light or has fewer windows.

Fairy lights give your place a magical look
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall!

Mirrors make your house seem bigger. They add a certain class and look extremely chic. Mirrors are quite affordable but they make your place look exclusive and quite modern. They can easily make a space look more put together.

Nowadays, you can even put up mirrors of different shapes and sizes to give your place some pizzazz.

Mirrors make your place look bigger
  • Create a picture wall

This is one of the easiest ways to bring life back to your place. You can easily DIY a picture wall with the help of some double-sided tape and pictures of your friends and family. You can also hang some frames posters or framed photos to give your place a classy look.

Having a wall with pictures of your friends and family will make you smile on bad days and will also spruce up your house.

DIY a picture wall
  • Go all Marie Kondo on your place

Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant, who has written many books on organizing and rearranging the space. Try following her advice or simply just rearrange and organize your place according to your style. De-cluttering and rearranging can bring quite a shift in the vibe of the house as well as your perspective.

De-clutter and reorganize your space

Your house becomes a home when you add some life to it. Adding colors and things that matter to you can help in making your place seem homier. Redecorating and reorganizing your place can result in being quite therapeutic and calming. It also gives your place a personality and something which you can call your home.

Adding life to your place does not always mean that you have to invest a lot of money or time into it. It can be easily done simply by putting in small efforts and adding small personal touches.