Eco-Friendly Decor Ideas For Your Home


With the onset of a dewy new year, many of us might be looking forward to trying out new things in our life or changing certain dimensions of it. Like maybe trying out a new hairstyle or hair colour, learning a new skill, funking up your wardrobe etc. And maybe you can also give your living space a turn around this year by chunking up some things or adding a few new elements. You can find a number of articles here and there about redecorating your house in the most florid and extravagant formats but in the process many times we forget how ‘environment unfriendly’ we become in our pursuits. In an age where the importance of environment-friendly alternatives are being stressed upon more and more, the home decor realm has also seen a switch and more eco-friendly decor ideas are rapidly becoming popular. 

Therefore Wedding Affair has enlisted a few of such eco-friendly decor ideas for your home that you can experiment with.

1. Green Plants

Green plants are natural air purifiers and quite a need of the hour as pollution levels are drastically increasing. Having a little bit of greenery in the house would not only make it eco-friendly but also bring in the freshness and an element of natural beauty in your home.

2. Eco-Friendly Paints

A better and healthier alternative is eco-friendly paints that have less ‘Volatile Organic Compounds’ in them, which makes them less toxic than the common interior paints. Fumes emitted from paints are very hazardous for our health and therefore switching to eco-friendly paints is highly recommended.

3. Bamboo Furniture

If you are planning on replacing the furniture around your residence, then you should definitely go for bamboo furniture as very evidently they are more eco-friendly than normal expensive high-end wood furniture. And lately, there are very contemporary designs available in these types of furniture which can notch up the look of your home altogether. 

4. Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains are very innovative energy-efficient alternatives for your home as they help regulate the room temperature, keeping the house miraculously warm during winters, which ultimately helps you save a lot of your bucks on electricity bills.

5. Energy-Efficient Lighting

The most obvious eco-friendly way of decorating your house can be replacing your incandescent light bulbs with more energy-efficient ones like LED or CFL bulbs to cut down on utility bills and also give a new look to your house.

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