Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations


Wedding is one of the most special days of a person’s life. But what comes as a part and parcel of the wedding celebrations is a lot of wastage, not only in terms of money but on food, clothing, flower decorations, electricity etc. Not only does it create a burden on the families but also impact the environment in huge ways. 

With growing concerns and great stress on sustainability, it has become extremely important to think of the environment as we go all merry enjoying the wedding. One way to do so is revamping the traditional old wedding invitations and opting for more eco-friendly ideas. We bring you ways to go all-green with your wedding invitations. 

1. Seeded Recycled Paper Invitations

Wouldn’t it be great if the wedding invites that are sent out just don’t sit on a stack on invites and instead can be used in better ways?  Seeded recycled paper is the latest trend in the wedding invite industry. The paper is embedded with seeds; all you have to do is read the invite and then plant the paper in soil. Pour water and see the magic happen, the invite will grow into a plant. This eco-friendly wedding invite is stealing our hearts with its sustainability feature. 


2. Recycled Wood Invitations

Wood carving invites is an interesting idea for your wedding invitation to go all eco-friendly. They not only look glamorous but also give that rustic, vintage look. They also save a lot of paper. But make sure that the wood used is recycled old wood else the purpose of these invitations will be defeated. 


3. Handmade Paper Invitations

The market out there is filled with beautiful handmade paper made from paper mache. They are recycled and is a perfect way of contributing to a sustainable environment. Choose from a variety of designs and colours available and create the most appealing and beautiful invitation for your wedding. 


4. Cloth Invitations 

Another interesting way to go all environment-friendly with the invites is using cloth instead of paper. Cloth can be easily recycled and will make for interesting wedding invites. Consult your wedding card dealer to suggest ways to amp up the invite with ideas like hand painting the invites and you’re all set. 

good ideas grow on trees

5. Jute Invitations

Jute is considered the ‘Golden Fibre’ and that is why is the ideal substitution for the traditional paper and cardboard invites. Not only it will save you a lot of money but also match perfectly with your idea of going green. 

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