Eco-Friendly Wedding Invites Ideas

Eco-Friendly Wedding Invites Ideas - Wedding Affair

When it comes to sustainable, intimate nuptials, wedding cards are more than just another way to extend your warmest welcome to your loved ones for your big day. Virtual or sustainably handmade, your creative wedding invitation cards should be perfect. It should narrate your love tale and the essence of your core. Keeping in mind the degrading nature you can opt for sustainable wedding planning. Here are a few eco-friendly wedding invites ideas you can opt for your nuptial bliss.

Digital Wedding Invites FTW!

Digital Wedding InviteYou can go paperless for your wedding invites by opting for digital invitations. Digital wedding invites are so much in trend. With a wide range of designs, colour palettes and customising options, you can pick a wedding card design option to suit your aesthetics and send it to your loved ones with just a click. No use of paper in these invitation cards option will save the environment.

The Cute Wedding Caricatures 

Caricature Wedding InviteWedding card design with caricatures look so cute and captivating. A great way to have a sustainable wedding is to include local artisans. Opt for graphic designers, artists or illustrators who can make caricatures from photos or even customised ones. You can incorporate your family members, and your furry friends with paws in your wedding invitation cards or even narrate your love story with the background of such caricature invite designs.

The Elegant Calligraphy Wedding Invites 

Calligraphy Wedding InviteAnother way to take your wedding invitations up a notch is by adorning your recycled paper invitation cards or digital invitations with the ancient art of calligraphy. This wedding invitation design looks simple and chic. Choose a local calligrapher to craft a stunning wedding invitation in languages of your rich culture like Bengali, Punjabi or Marathi.

Bloom Your Love With Plantable Invitations 

Plantable Wedding InviteImagine a wedding invitation that blooms into a beautiful flower when planted, how bewildering it is, right? Venturing eco-friendly wedding invitation ideas you can opt for this amazing option. Plantable invitations include wedding invitations using seed paper that can one day blossom into a pretty flower or plant. This wedding invitation encourages planting more blooms.

The Beauty Of Potted Plants Invitations 

Potted Wedding InviteFor those people who can’t wait so long for their plants to bloom, you can send plant invites to those folks. Sending potted plants as wedding invitations is so in vogue and the best way to outright a sustainable wedding. Visit your local nursery and pick your favourite choice of succulents or snake plants and customise the pots with your wedding details. Send out your save-the-dates with a magical bliss of fresh green plants.

The Vibrant Cloth Invites 

Cloth Wedding InviteA wedding invitation printed on biodegradable fabrics such as organic cotton and hemp is quite the regal way to celebrate your big day. The biodegradable aspect of this invitation makes sure you do not harm the environment. You can even use the cloth later for multi-purposes. This wedding invitation idea is so dynamic and fancy.

The Multifaceted Stationery Wedding Invites 

Stationery Wedding InviteReuse, recycle and repeat – this is the mantra of this season. Bespoke stationery is an amazing idea for eco-friendly wedding ideas. Invest in some wedding stationery that also doubles as save-the-dates invitations for your guests. From printed pens to monogrammed reminders and notepads, this wedding invite idea will be appreciated by your guests to the maximum.