The Effortless Makeup Artist – Vidya Tikari

Make up Artist Vidya Tikari

With an experience of painting serene dreams on one of the most challenging canvas – Face, since more than two decades, Vidya Tikari confabs about her favorite looks that the brides to be should definitely try, this season.

What’s Hot:

VT: Strong eyebrows and heavy lashes and a nice upturned eyeliner, sculpted cheeks, and a nude mouth. That is what is trending at the moment. A lot of heavy metallic colors on the eyelids is also much in this season’s enchanting trend.

Party Look by Vidya Tikari

Cut & Crease Look

VT: The most trending look for the party season is the cut and crease look.

We always begin with ‘eye makeup’ start of with the primer, put on the foundation on the eyelids, and then, we use a dark brown pencil to trace out the crease line. Slightly going out of the eye area into a 45 degree angle, we smudge the line and add a dark colour to it, could be a grey a dark brown a black any of the matte colours. We then blend the line going slightly into the brow bone area. The next thing we do, is fill up the mobile lid from the lash line to the crease line where we created that dark line, so u can use a light colour like silver or gold or like a glitter into that area, then we finish the eye makeup with a liner, lashes, highlighter underneath the brows.

In the next step, we trace out the eyebrows. A nice thick bushy eyebrow is really in and we complete the makeup by using a primer on the rest of the face, foundation and we do a nice strong contour on the jaw line and the cheekbone. The colour on the cheeks is very minimal, it’s mainly about contouring and highlighting.

We prefer choosing a nude colour on the lips. You can make it glittery or it can be absolutely matte.

The Make Up Artist with her muses

Enormous Metallic Shades

VT: Plenty of heavy metallic colours on the eyelids is also much in this season’s most captivating trend. So, it can be a reflect glitter, or it can be the heavy metal colours in the eye shadow.

Start by using a light metallic colour in the inner corner, maybe a silver or a gold, the outer corner is gonna be a black or a grey, lots of lashes, kajal, liner for the eyes and the rest of the face is gonna be the same as the first look.