Ego – A Curse for Relationships


ego_weddingaffairA relationship, in this generation, has to go through a lot to reach the desired destination of pure alliance between the two called ‘marriage’.  The idea of getting into love seems amazing and attractive to many but to redeem the same in real life becomes difficult for people. People seldom understand the basic concept and meaning of love which is “love trust and understanding.” These three act as the major pillar of any and every relationship.  Being in a relationship with your beloved one makes one feel special and magical but we often forget about the reason and value of our partners and tend to do unnecessary faults and mistakes which hurts them a lot. Drenched in ego, people forget that they are betraying and hurting none other than their loved ones. It acts as a slow poison to a relationship and ends everything in a heinous and devastating way and converts a blooming relation into a ego battleship. Wedding Affair thought to jot down how, ego can bring to the relationship that has been shaped into something magical in years.

Physical appearance

People are insecure about their feelings and thoughts and are unable to express them due to which they generate inferiority complex in them for their partners.  If one person is physically more alluring and talented, the other one tends to feel left out and alone and as a result, the care and protection will turn into jealousy and criticism.  Its important to accept your partner with all their flaws and strengths. If one is blessed with good features and attractive looks, another person should boost and appreciate him/her.

Ambition and Career

Our country has come a long way from the time when women were restricted to take responsibility of household chores, the men of the family handled the financial reins. We are a country brimming with both the genders enjoying respectable positions of responsibilities in MNC’s, government jobs and in the world of entertainment. The battle of winning in the career game, often leads to the battle of ‘doing better in a relationship’. Men often cannot withstand the wife winning financially in their family, and women have also become competitive in nature, and do whatever it takes to gain success in their career.

Money matters and Finances

A strong family background and a financially empowered background of a person creates a sense of major resistant quotient in a relationship. One might feel bad and low after knowing and comparing each other’s financial background. As an effect, one’s partner might start feeling uncomfortable at the time of spending. An individual’s financial condition should not determine who has the upper hand in a relationship. Also, it should not be the reason why love and comfort comes in or goes out of the door. The money you have today might not last for a lifetime, and you can earn luxuries in the future, you have the capability, but love, does not come back in life when lost. Make you choices wisely.

Breakups and Heartbreaks

Ego has the power to injure a person’s self esteem and faith in a relationship. When you prioritize ego over your bond, you allow the negative energy to consume you in its darkness. We have often come across partners who makes excuses like, “I will not call him, if he does not call me first,” “We will only get back together if she apologizes for what she said or did,” “How dare she block me on social media? That’s an insult I am not willing to take,” and a million more. Sometimes your actions are a immediate reaction of a moment, a sudden act of rage, fear, anxiety, or pain. When you hold one action against many moments of love, you make the mistake of ruining the chances of finding love. And with a attitude like that, you will lose the chance of finding a relationship that makes you happy, time and again.

Bottomline: Ego has different phases and faces, don’t let any of them enter your relation in any form.