Eight Creative Save The Date Ideas


To ensure your guests mark their calendars!

Wedding announcements can be really fun and exciting- both for the couple-to-be and the invitees but when it comes to formally sending out “Save The Date” for your D-day, it can be challenging too! This is when you got to be as Lenka says, ‘Everything At Once’; creative, emotional, smart, sweet and witty altogether. So, to ensure this your Save The Date rollouts should be equally exciting, shouldn’t they be?

Here are eight creative save-the-date ideas for your wedding announcement. So, what are you waiting for? Spread the word.

  1. Please Inflate and Save The Date: No matter what age we grow up, we all are always a child at heart. What else can be more pleasing and exciting to the child inside us rather than something to play with? Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about “Balloons.” Let your guests inflate the balloons only to discover the date of your wedding when they pop them out. Pops fun, doesn’t it?
    Please Inflate and Save The Date. Source:
     Please Inflate and Save The Date. Source: One Fab Day.



  • Metallic Boarding Pass: To onboarding love. Who does not love beautiful boarding passes? Well, we all do, don’t we? Secrets busted: some of us even keep a collection of them! So why not add to the collection of boarding passes of your guests by sending them Metallic Boarding Pass invites to your wedding. Because why not, you are on board the flight of love!

    Metallic Boarding Pass. Source: A Practical Wedding.
  • Message In A Bottle: Something that comes to the shore in a bottle is always considered to be sacred and a sign of fortune. Isn’t it? Always. Sacred is the bond you are going to be tied in for the rest of your lives too, so, shouldn’t people save the date for it as sacredly as saving the message in a bottle? They should, right? Personalize these bottles and let your guests experience waves of emotions in the journey along!

    Say it with Message in a Bottle.
    Say it with a Message in a Bottle. Source: With Joy.
  • A Different Kind Of Passport: With this unique passport, save the date and stamp your love for ages! To travel in the new journey of your life, let the unique save the date be symbolic of your passport as a permit to stick together with your life partner, however harsh the extrinsic environment may get. We are already getting all the wedding feels, aren’t you?

    A Different Kind Of Passport. Source: Shopify.
  • Wedding in Wonderland: We all have grown up from watching the love stories and dreamy weddings of Disney characters from Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. Believe it or not, at some point or the other in our life, we have also imagined a love affair like that theirs, haven’t we? So why not plan it that way? When you cannot become the princess, you can at least cure the distress. These creative “Wedding in Wonderland” Save the Dates will give you all the feels of a mystical and magical wedding. Not only this it will also remind your guests to not be late, as this is a very important date.

    Wedding in Wonderland. Source:
    Wedding in Wonderland. Source: With Joy.
  • Get Me To The Wedding: What can be more thoughtful and creative than inviting your guests to relive their childhood experiences? Let them relive the experience of classics and board games with this get-go save-the-date idea. This two-player board game will let your guests go through the ups and downs of a whirlwind of wedding emotions topped with your presence-to-be on their big day. Seems fun, doesn’t it? Let’s get rolling together!

    Get Me To The Wedding. Source: Paper Truly.
  • Paper Plane Save The Date: “When you can’t reach something, you get it to reach you.” This is something we all have believed since our childhood and thus our games revolved around flying paper planes and paper boats. But know though we all know how childish it sounds but is still not as cliché an idea to not go with when you are about to bid farewell to the child in you. When you feel the responsibilities of adulting shouldering you, why not choose a card paying a tribute to the childhood you have had before your D-day? Fly off your good old days into pleasant memories by saving the date with Paper Plane cards!

    Paper Plane Save The Date. Source: One Fab Day.
  • Let The NEWS Spread: They say great love stories ought to be shared and what more suiting a way than letting the newspaper do it work? Let your proposal be posted, “The Proposal Post.” Similarly, you can customize a newspaper with your preferred number of pages and typography to suit your interest and post it across letting the news of your wedding-to-be spread in and around your kith and kins.

    Newspaper Save The Date. Source: Creative Union Design.
  • Does spreading the word not seem easy now? Your guests are definitely going to be super thrilled and excited (some even more than you) for your wedding!