The Elegant Bijouterie- OM Jewellers


A family that works together stays together.  After 78 years, three stores and five generations, OM Jewellers is still one big happy family. Their commitment towards creating novel jewellery that embodies elegance is commendable. Their jewellery embodies family values and the trust of their customers. It is a one-stop-shop for your wedding bijouterie shopping and offers vast range of options to choose from. The versatile collection boasts of everything from uncut diamond pieces to classic gold ones.

What you wear is a form of expression. Their each piece has been uniquely designed and handcrafted to create a legacy worth remembering. Their uncut diamond collection Jodha which is said to be inspired by Jodhabai, is the epitome of royalty and strength. ‘Yugaani’, derived from the word Yug which means era, is their antique gold collection. This collection celebrates the ancient era of gold sculpting from across the globe.

Melange is a fashion jewellery collection. It bridges the gap between traditional karigari and new age diamond jewellery. It is the perfect confluence of antique gold and mesmerising diamonds. Their ‘Arc Collection’ symbolizes the facets of diamonds as a means of self-expression and emphasising on character. The brand’s collection ‘One’ symbolises woman’s individualism and proud stature in today’s changing society. With dainty and elegant pieces these are apt for both work and play.

Their ‘Roz’ collection symbolises freshness and purity alike to that of a rose. Its intricate patterns and delicate designs will surely win hearts. Their Forevermark collection is an exquisite diamond jewellery because diamonds are forever and one can’t own enough.