Emotions A Woman Experiences Right After Marriage

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Marriage is indeed a landmark event in every woman’s life. For a bride, it is like stepping from one life to another and she armed with nothing to stop the onslaught of emotions. So, what post marriage emotions does a newlywed bride go through? Let’s highlight five key features:

Post-marriage blues

So, everything is over? How did that happen? How did the landmark event of her life become history and almost all of a sudden too? The momentousness of the occasion strikes hard! She is now a married woman, and the marriage itself has receded into the annals of history, never to come back again. No more photoshoots, parties and trial sessions! Life has turned from exciting to dull.

The stress of being an adult

So, being an adult is hard, right? Especially when you are a bride, with two families instead of one, and in-laws and a husband to take care of! Gone are the days of the premarital carefree life with no-one to worry about but herself! This leads to stress that comes with being an adult, and it’s not an easy load to carry. It’s quite bothersome, actually! Goodbye, McDonald’s and Hello, cooking and cleaning!

Sheer exhaustion

So, a wedding is all about intensive customs rituals, parties and merry-making, right? But what happens when that ends? Well, there is sheer exhaustion and longing to rest! But honeymoon comes calling and rest becomes just an elusive word. There is only the longing to lie down and slip into a deep slumber, with no-one to disturb her! But that never materialises.

Emotional distress

This is a major step after becoming a bride. There is just so much she can handle, and there’s too much on her plate! Where does she start? What does she do? Where does she go from here? These are all questions which lurk in the air, and she can only take one step at a time, hoping things will work out eventually and will fall into place. She has no choice but to go with the flow, even though her head is in a tizzy and she is wondering if the post-wedding rituals really went as well as planned!


The wedding was an uber-cool one, all guests attended and had great fun, and the bride and groom enjoyed themselves a lot. The event was perfect. There are enough happy memories to go around, which will last a lifetime. So, of course when the event gets over, the emotion which hits hard and in waves, is nostalgia. The feeling remains on the surface for a very long time, wrapping itself around the bride until she cannot force it apart from her. It’s a bittersweet feeling, and nothing can assuage its force.

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